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Introducing the Thacha L-3 Heavy-Fleece Beanie - Your Essential Companion for Colder Hunting Days!

The Thacha L-3 Heavy-Fleece Beanie is purpose-built for the serious hunter, designed to tackle the challenges of colder hunting days head-on. With its top-tier performance and unmatched comfort, this beanie is your go-to headgear for when the weather turns chilly.

Heavyweight Brushed Fleece: Keep your head warm and cozy with the heavyweight brushed fleece material. It's like a snug blanket for your head, ensuring you stay comfortably insulated against the cold.

Brushed Fleece Interior: Experience additional warmth and comfort with the brushed fleece interior. It's designed to provide an extra layer of coziness, so you can focus on your hunt without worrying about the cold.

Windproof & Water-Resistant: Don't let the weather dictate your day in the field. This beanie is engineered to be both windproof and water-resistant, ensuring that you stay protected and dry, no matter the conditions.

The Thacha L-3 Heavy-Fleece Beanie is more than just an accessory; it's an essential part of your hunting gear. When the temperature drops and the elements become challenging, trust in this beanie to keep you warm, comfortable, and focused on your pursuit. Elevate your hunting experience with the Thacha L-3, where performance and comfort meet.



  • Heavyweight Brushed Fleece
  • Brushed Fleece Interior
  • Windproof & Water-Resistant

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