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LoveHandle PRO Phone Grip | EDGE


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LoveHandle PRO x Realtree®

Made in collaboration with Realtree®, LoveHandle PRO is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. Handle any adventure with a rugged Silicone Strap in exclusive Realtree camo pattern. The LoveHandle PRO ensures a secure grip and a confident hold, giving you the stability and assurance you need for any situation.

Whether you're hiking in the woods, hunting in the field, or just running errands around town, the LoveHandle PRO x Realtree will keep your phone safe and secure. 


- Low-profile silicone strap to keep your phone secure in the tree stand or on your adventures in the field.

-Kickstand- Prop your phone anywhere to watch your videos hands-free in portrait or landscape mode.  

- Magnetic- Mount to metal surfaces (like your truck) for hands-free photos and video after the hunt. 

- Swappable Straps - Change your camouflage pattern with swappable straps.

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