Pro Tip: 15 Pieces of Deer Gear You Can't Be Without

Brow Tines and Backstrap

Pro Tip: 15 Pieces of Deer Gear You Can't Be Without

Posted 2019-07-10T15:04:00Z  by  Mike Mayfield

When you're fine-tuning your pack list for the stand, these items are so important that it's worth packing two

Do you pack extras of these things to the woods? (Mike Mayfield photo)

Everyone forgets a piece of gear on occasion. And, if you're anything like me, it seems like your equipment always breaks at the wrong time. It's good to have a backup plan when things go wrong.

But what things are most likely to be forgotten? What items are most prone to damage? And what items do you absolutely have to have in the field? I like to visualize myself in a treestand or blind, and think of all the things I most commonly use. Then I create a packing list. I even make a laminated master list to ensure all the items I know I'll need are there before I head to the woods. And when it comes to these 15 things, I bring extras:

  1. Safety harness and lanyards (never hunt without them)
  2. Clothing (especially on cold-weather hunts)
  3. EZ hanger (for bows and packs)
  4. Pull-up rope (for bows and packs)
  5. Release aid (most-forgotten archery item)
  6. ThermaCell refills (for skeeters)
  7. SD cards (for checking trail cameras)
  8. Batteries for flashlights and rangefinder (mine use the same type)
  9. Cell phone battery charger (because mine always goes dead)
  10. Grime Boss wipe-down cloths (for sweat, blood and tears)
  11. An arrow with a practice field tip (for checking your bow sight in the field)
  12. Allen wrenches, pliers, etc. (for in-the-field bow repairs)
  13. Toilet paper (self-explanatory)
  14. First-aid kit (for injuries)
  15. Bottled water (for hydration and emergencies)

Hunts can be ruined when you don't have the gear you need. Having extras of the essentials can save a hunt, or even your life. Being prepared allows you to forget the world, get lost in the hunt, and enjoy God's creation.

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