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We take pride in our friendly customer care! Please note, many Realtree products are licensed goods sold by various retailers and manufacturers. If you purchased a Realtree licensed product from a retailer or independent dealer, please reach out to them directly for returns, exchanges, or product questions.

For any purchases made from or for product questions about a product you see on our website, please feel free reach us by email. Please send emails to [email protected]. Please be sure to include your first name, last name, product name, and a summary of your question or issue.

Reach out and we'll help you however we can!

Mon - Thurs: 9am - 5pm (ET)
Fri: 9am - 4pm (ET)

U.S. and Canada:

1390 Box Circle
Columbus, GA 31907

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers here to the questions we're asked most often. Topics are listed alphabetically.
How can I get an autographed photo of Bill Jordan or David Blanton?

Send your request to [email protected] Include your full name and postal address, since photos are sent by mail.

Autographed Photos

What is Realtree’s mailing address?

1390 Box Circle
Columbus, GA 31907


How can I get started in a career in the outdoor industry?

Realtree and many other outdoor-related companies hire educated and experienced employees to fill several types of positions required to successfully operate a business. Those areas commonly include accounting, marketing, graphic arts, and videography, among others. Our advice is to build on your own background and education to prepare yourself for a role that you will enjoy and that is commonly needed in the outdoor industry.

Careers in the Outdoor Industry

How do I invite David Blanton to speak at an event?

Please send event details (date, location, event description, event size, and any other pertinent information)to [email protected]. Invitations should be received a minimum of 12 months in advance of the event date. In general, David’s hunting schedule runs from late August to late December, and his speaking schedule runs from January through August. Scheduling is done periodically and event invitations may be held until the next scheduling session. You will receive a response indicating whether or not David is able to accept your invitation.

David Blanton Speaking Engagement Requests

How can I invite Realtree on a hunt?

Our hunts are planned one to two years in advance, to correspond with our television and video schedule. Please mail your invitation to Realtree, Attention: Video Department, 1390 Box Circle, Columbus, GA 31907. We receive hundreds of hunting invitations each year and keep all invitations on file. Although we can’t accept most invitations, we appreciate them and we give each one consideration.

How can I, or a deserving hunter I know, hunt with Bill Jordan or Team Realtree?

The Team Realtree pros wish they could hunt with everyone who asks, but they cannot. Most of the hunts they attend are by invitation and are planned with the outfitter a year in advance. There are sweepstakes and contests held throughout the year that offer hunts with the Team Realtree pros as prizes. Please watch major outdoor publications and this website for announcements about these promotions.

Hunting Invitations and Requests

Do you hunt public land on your TV shows?

We occasionally hunt public land. While we believe hunts shown on public land are helpful to our viewers, we must be very selective because of the liability and the time constraints of our seasonal taping schedule.

Most often, our television shows feature hunts on private land. We have built a large following of viewers who enjoy seeing our hunts on some of the best private properties throughout North America.

Hunting Public Land

Can I get hunting tips from Realtree pro staff?

Yes. You can find tips from our pro staff in the following areas of our website: Forums
(You can also post specific questions in these forums.)
Tips and Articles

Hunting Blogs

Hunting Tips and Advice

How can I apply for an internship with Realtree?

Mail resumes to Realtree, Attention: Human Resources, 1390 Box Circle, Columbus, GA 31907. Your resume will be placed in our open file for one year and will be considered if openings become available.

Internship Application

Interested in learning more about how to carry Realtree in your store, license Realtree camo, learn about film, and more?



I am a licensed Realtree partner. How can I access logos and other online resources?

Contact Terri Troyer at 706-562-7203 or [email protected].

Logos and Resources for Realtree Licensee Use

How can I submit my camo pattern idea for Realtree’s consideration?

Because of legal considerations, we are not able to accept or review suggestions or ideas related to camo patterns. While we appreciate your interest in Realtree, all Realtree camo patterns are generated wholly in-house.

Pattern Ideas

How do I share my Realtree camo product idea?

Realtree doesn’t manufacture hunting products directly. We market and license our camo patterns to manufacturers for use on their products. We suggest you contact a manufacturer that produces products similar to your idea, for their consideration. We appreciate your interest in Realtree camo.

Product Ideas

Can Realtree sponsor my organization or cause?

Realtree receives many opportunities for partnership. We sincerely appreciate the interest of individuals and organizations. However, we do not have the administrative or financial resources to consider the thousands of individual requests we receive each year, even those offering free sponsorship opportunities.

We focus our administrative resources on providing the best possible level of service to our current partners.

We hope to help reach the goals we all share by making charitable contributions to selected organizations at the national level. We trust that the work of these organizations is accomplishing important work locally.

Sponsorship and Contribution Requests

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