Deer Hunting in Kentucky 2013

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Est. Whitetail Population


No. Licenses Sold Annually


Resident hunting license and deer permit


Non-resident hunting license and deer permit

204 2/8"

Taken by Robert W. Smith in Pendleton County in 2000, ranked as No. 5 of all time.

Record B&C Typical Stat


Total B&C Typical Entries

260 1/8"

Taken by Benjamin Brogle in Garrad County in 2002, ranked as No. 37 of all time.

Record B&C Non-Typical Stat


Record B&C Non-Typical Entries

Season Dates (2013): Archery season runs Sept. 7 to Jan. 20. Crossbow season is Oct. 1-20, then Nov. 9 through Dec. 31. Muzzloader season is Oct. 19-20, then Dec. 14-22.

The Grade: A

With more than 700 bucks in the Boone and Crockett record book, Kentucky earns high marks for trophy potential. Tags are available over the counter, and compared to the price of some neighboring states, they're a bargain. There's 1.5 million acres of public land in the Bluegrass state, which is a pretty fair amount for this region. Still, the best hunting is on private land, and leasing prices are going up as word spreads about Kentucky's whitetail potential. Getting a good spot to hunt simply by knocking on doors is tough. There are numerous outfitters, so if you're willing to pay to play, Kentucky remains a good bet.

Deer Nation Knowledge
Kentucky offers one of the best chances at a trophy-class buck in full velvet. It consistently ranks in the top 10 Boone and Crockett states in the nation, and has an archery opener that typically falls the first weekend in September, giving bowhunters a week-long window—sometimes more—to arrow a big buck in full velvet.