5 Tips for Stalking Mule Deer

5 Tips for Stalking Mule Deer

Posted 2017-08-14T12:13:00Z

Have You Ever Crept Up on a Mulie?

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The age-old spot-and-stalk tactic has killed more deer than any other approach. Sadly, it's an art form that's slowly dying and fading away. And that's a shame because it is a fun, effective tactic that certainly has its place in the hunter's arsenal. Here are five tips to help make it a more productive option for you this season.

1. Conduct plenty of scouting. Cover plenty of ground. Mule deer inhabit rough, rugged terrain. Find a high elevation with a good vantage point and glass the surrounding area.

2. Target a deer that's alone. Less sets of eyes means a higher likelihood of success. It can be difficult to fool a whole herd of deer. But it's much easier to slip within range when you only have to worry about one deer spotting you.

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3. Keep tabs on where non-target deer and other game animals are. Other animals in the area are just as — and maybe more — likely to blow the stalk as the target animal.

4. Make sure your stalking approach is fine-tuned. Go the extra mile. Take your shoes off. Wear quiet clothing. Put felt strips on the contact points of your gear. Practice odd shot angles. Do the little things. These are what will make you more successful.

5. Know when it's an impossible stalk. You only have a certain amount of time. Don't waste it if you know what the outcome of a stalk will be. Use your time wisely. And when it isn't an impossible stalk, be very quiet, stay concealed and use the terrain to slip within range. And if you botch a stalk, don't get frustrated. Cool down, collect your thoughts, and begin the next approach, or find another deer to pursue.

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