Muzzleloader Hunter Tags Big Non-Typical Whitetail

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Muzzleloader Hunter Tags Big Non-Typical Whitetail

Posted 2018-10-08T15:16:00Z  by  Darron McDougal

A Sunflower State Hunt Ends with a Whopper

Rack Report Details
Buck:181 3/8 Inches
Time of Year:September 20, 2018
Place:Stafford County, Kansas
Weapon: CVA Accura MR  Muzzleloader 

Tidwell proudly shows off his 2018 Kansas buck. (Logan Tidwell photo)

Kansas produces some of the nation's largest whitetails, and that fact annually draws many nonresident hunters to the Sunflower State to hunt deer each year. Logan Tidwell, an operations manager for a large construction company in Texas, is one of them. He hunted Kansas for the first time in 2015.

A few buddies and I bowhunted in Washington County that year during the last week of October, Tidwell said. Temperatures were warm, and we just didn't experience the type of deer hunting Kansas is known for.

The following year we did a muzzleloader hunt with an outfitter in central Kansas, he continued. Everyone in our group of four shot quality bucks, the largest grossing 173 inches. We were so thrilled with that hunt that we booked again the following year. We got a 182-incher that second year. Of course, we booked again in 2018.

Kansas is generally warm in September, but it was exceptionally hot during Tidwell's 2018 hunt.

So far, this is one of the more unique racks of 2018. (Logan Tidwell photo)It was 93 to 94 degrees every evening, Tidwell said. The morning hunts were extremely slow and unproductive. Even with the heat, we were seeing deer, but no mature bucks.

During the third afternoon, he and a guide hunted a blind that Tidwell had capitalized from in 2017.

We were hunting a target buck at this location, he said. With adjacent bean and milo fields, we were optimistic about our chances. Most deer bedded in nearby plum thickets and fed in the ag fields.

Tidwell's guide suddenly spotted the target buck bedded 30 yards away.

I'll never know how the buck didn't see or hear us as we approached the blind, Tidwell said. I was in no position to shoot the deer. Other deer were nearby and swapping spots with my guide would've caused too much commotion.

The buck walked downhill before bedding again about 80 yards away.

The buck remained bedded for about an hour, Tidwell said. Then, he went up an embankment about 140 yards away. I was in somewhat of an awkward position, but I managed to acquire the buck and take my shot. We are confident I missed because we searched the area that evening and the following morning but were unable to find any indications of a hit.

Due to work obligations, it seemed that Tidwell's hunt was being cut short.

I was able to stay and hunt one more day, Tidwell said. Fortunately, a front was coming in, which got me excited.

My guide and I hunted a stand that has produced large bucks in the past, he continued. It's located near a pond and an alfalfa field. Most deer visit the pond to water every evening before entering the alfalfa to feed."

With the onset of the front, the wind began to pick up and shift directions.

We were watching 20-some deer at that point, and we were concerned they'd smell us, Tidwell said. Several does began tossing their noses in the air. Then, two young bucks filed into view, which usually means the bigger ones aren't far behind.

Tidwell soon glanced beyond the does and spotted a monster running toward the pond.

We were expecting to see a mid-140-class 8-pointer, so we naturally thought this buck was him since we'd only seen the side profile of his rack, Tidwell remembered. When he lifted his head after drinking some water, we immediately saw the non-typical points and realized it was a different, even more impressive buck.

The buck finished watering and began marching toward the alfalfa field.

I took my shot as soon as it presented itself, Tidwell said. After the hit, he ran 50 to 60 yards and folded. The recovery was quick due to relentless mosquitoes and rain coming in with the front.

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