Bowhunter Arrows Record-Class Suburban Buck

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Bowhunter Arrows Record-Class Suburban Buck

Posted 2022-10-14T01:11:00Z

Darren Borgman tagged the buck of a lifetime with people, noise, and other urban distractions nearby

Rack Report Details
Buck:193 3/8 (green gross score)
Time of Year:September 7, 2022
Place:Northern Kentucky
Weapon: Compound bow  Bowhunting 

Darren Borgman was quite happy with his 193 3/8-inch Kentucky buck. Image courtesy of Darren Borgman

Darren Borgman decided to hunt with Salt River Outfitters this season. He's been hunting for 35 years and has spent time hunting this area of northern Kentucky for the past five. The outfitter had trail camera photos of this deer, and the hunt was on.

Borgman started after this deer on the opener with little luck. Then, on September 7, the day brought mild temperatures and sunny skies. He was hunting in farmland mixed with hardwoods and hay fields. All set up and waiting for the afternoon hunt to unfold, he scanned the landscape for signs of the big deer. In front of him and to the left was a soybean field and a point of timber jutting out into it. Timber stood tall to the right. A residential neighborhood sprawled out behind him.

In the back, through the trees, you could see the homes in a housing addition and a retention pond, Borgman said. The background noise was odd for your typical deer hunt, due to the residential area. Dogs barking, traffic, lawn mowers, and even voices of people outside their homes. It was my first experience with a somewhat urban hunting style.

This northern Kentucky whitetail was bagged near a suburban area. Image courtesy of Darren Borgman

Around 5:30 p.m., a fawn emerged and started feeding. About 30 minutes later, two does and a small buck followed suit. Several minutes ticked away until two more does and a fawn entered the open as well. Seconds later, a good 8-pointer did the same, and the monster buck was right behind it.

When he came out, the other deer in the field became nervous and seemed to be on edge, Borgman said. He was quickly within range, but quartering to me slightly, so I wanted to wait for a little better angle. He seemed to sense something and became nervous as well. I decided it was now or never. I waited until his head was turned, looking at the other deer, and drew. The angle wasn't terrible, and I knew I could make a clean shot. I held close to the edge of his shoulder and released.

The 18-yard shot struck the vitals where Borgman settled the pin, but the arrow remained in the deer, which ran out of sight. It was a good shot, but Borgman sat tight to allow the deer to expire.

After starting the track job, Borgman and the outfitters found blood and followed it about 200 yards to where the deer crashed. Borgman, along with the Salt River Outfitters guides and staff, started celebrating. Each of them was rightfully excited.

After several days of hunting, Borgman finally caught up to this big deer. Image courtesy of Darren Borgman

Borgman reflects on the hunt as an incredible experience. He was targeting this deer specifically, and it all came together. With an ideal wind, and the deer coming from where they expected, everything worked as they hoped it would.

We used the knowledge on this piece of property and how the deer were using it, Borgman said. We ensured that the wind and conditions were right to hunt the stands on this property. We had a stand that was set up so that the deer could not circle downwind without being in the open and exposed to the residential area behind us, and had the stand brushed in tight with good cover.

Overall, the deer scored 193 3/8 inches (green gross score). He has it all — mass, sticker points, and lots of character in his rack, Borgman said. A deer in the 190s as a mainframe 9-pointer is always impressive. This is a huge accomplishment in my bowhunting career, and one that most will never have the opportunity to achieve. I have hunted long enough to know and appreciate the fact that a deer of this caliber is very rare. I feel incredibly blessed to have this experience. I owe my success in this hunt to the good Lord above, and the knowledgeable staff at Salt River Outfitters.

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