CPL Holder Makes Huge Mistake

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CPL Holder Makes Huge Mistake

Posted 2015-10-20T21:05:00Z


Make good decisions as a concealed weapons carrier.

Last week, I read a headline that made my blood boil. It read, "CPL Holder Shoots Out Tire Of Shoplifter's Getaway Car." You can check out the story here.

Why does this make my blood boil? It puts all law abiding CPL holders in a bad light. It threatens legal and legitimate use of this license. This type of action is not what having a CPL is for.

Let's get something straight. Maybe someone is reading this and doesn't know when a firearm can be used in a self-defense encounter. A firearm is a tool of last resort. You stress all other options to resolve the situation first. The threat of great bodily harm or death must be imminent. Now, read this paragraph again, and again, and again. Let it sink in.

So what right did this person have to try and shoot out the tires of a fleeing shoplifter's vehicle? The answer is simple. She didn't.

There wasn't a threat. Someone fleeing with stolen merchandise isn't a threat, especially when he is driving away. Maybe she has watched too many Hollywood films where that type of stuff happens all the time. That said, I'm not going to blame Hollywood for this foolish act. No. I'm blaming the person.

Why? You have to have some common sense. The CPL doesn't give you the right to play town sheriff.

People might think I'm coming down hard on this person. After all, she just made a mistake. These people aren't considering the severity of her actions. What if she hit and killed an innocent bystander? Could you imagine the uproar from the politicians that want these rights taken away? They thrive on these types of headlines.

So what could she have done differently? For starters, she could have pulled out her phone and shot pictures instead of bullets at the getaway car. She could have kept her gun holstered and been a good witness. She could have helped the police with a description. Those are just a few sane options.

Make smart decisions as a CPL holder. Don't abuse the license to carry.