A Camouflage Christmas

A Camouflage Christmas

Posted 2009-12-04T15:06:00Z  by  Stephanie Mallory

A Camouflage Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration with friends and family. But those 11th-hour shopping missions to find the perfect gifts for loved ones can rob you of that time—and of time in the deer stand and duck blind.

No worries, though. Our mission at Realtree is to help make your gift buying as easy and hassle-free as possible so you can get back into the woods (or at least escape the mall). We've compiled a list of great new gear and gadgets that your friends and family members are sure to love.

1. Bear Apprentice

It has all the bones of a Bear bow to give your little one every advantage to learn the traditions of hunting and the most subtle tactics of shooting. This bow's cam, which is unique to Bear, offers 13 draw-length positions to grow with your young archer (15 to 27 inches). Draw weight ranges from 20 to 50 pounds, and it comes complete with a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, Trophy Ridge 3-pin fiber optic sight, wheel peep, 4-arrow quiver and nock loop. Available in Realtree APG HD. MSRP: $279.99. www.beararcheryproducts.com

2. BowTech Destroyer

The Destroyer is offered in two models: Destroyer 350 and Destroyer 340. Both are accurate, shock-free, easy to draw and fast. While many bow setups have to trade shootability for speed, the Destroyer delivers both. This balance is accomplished using three new technologies: OverDrive Binary cams, HardCore Limbs and FLX-Guard. From concept, this bow was designed to be easy to draw, quiet, accurate and forgiving. As it turns out, the bow happens to be fast, Craig Yehle, principle designer explains. We believe it is important for our flagship offering not be construed as a speed bow, but as a truly exceptional all-around offering. We believe we have achieved this. MSRP: $949. www.bowtecharchery.com

3. Buck Knives Folding Omni Hunter

The Folding Omni Hunter is part of the Omni Series of hunting knives that places an emphasis on ergonomics and durability. The handsome styling is contemporary and attractive to traditional hunters. It sports an ergonomic, curved Dynaflex rubber handle in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD. The gently sloping drop-point blade is designed for use on any game. The locking mechanism is a mid-lockback for safety and convenience. This is a sturdy, well-constructed knife that any hunter would be proud to carry. MSRP: $57. www.buckknives.com

4. Bushnell Legend 1200 Laser Range Finder

The new Legend 1200 ARC laser rangefinder from Bushnell raises the bar in ranging performance with its 1,200-yard capability. Designed in a vertical configuration for single-handed use, it is the perfect tool for bow and rifle hunters with ranging performance from 5 to 1,200 yards. It also incorporates the proven Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology in rifle and bow modes that determines holdover on long-range rifle shots and true horizontal distance for bowhunters. MSRP: $349. www.bushnell.com


Through a brilliant combination of European design elegance and the tough, no-nonsense performance features that American hunters demand, CVA has redefined what an interchangeable barrel rifle can be—with a retail price starting at just around $500! Sleek in appearance, lightweight, perfect in balance and fit, the APEX is a welcome arrival to the multi-barrel rifle market. With the lines of a fine European single shot, the APEX brings an entirely new look and feel to a category of rifles that in the past could best be defined as utilitarian in their overall appeal. Combine the APEX's aesthetic qualities with its super accurate Bergara Barrels, and the APEX stands alone at the top of the class. www.cva.com

6. G.Willie Aggie Fan Jersey

As a licensed collegiate partner, G.Willie supports Texas A & M with every purchase of a the G.Willie Aggie Fan Jersey. This authentic jersey is enhanced with Advantage MAX-4 HD. Every Fan Jersey is custom-made. Premium mesh and dazzle fabrics make the Fan Jersey the same quality as the Game Jersey, but with a retail cut for a more comfortable fit. Options include custom numbers and custom name. Price: $99.50 (add $20 for custom name on the back and $10 for a custom number). www.gwilliesuniforms.com

7. Helly Hansen Impertech II Guide Coat

The Impertech II Camo Guide Coat is the necessary length that when paired with the Impertech II Camo Waist Pants, you are virtually impervious to rain and invisible to game. This generous cut guide coat features .24 mm stretch polyester backing with stretch polyurethane coating and MicroWeld seam construction. The front zip with snap storm flap and back cape for ventilation keeps you dry and comfortable at all times. The attached hood tucks into the collar and the hook and loop adjustable sleeve cuff provides the perfect fit. MSRP: $110-$126. www.hellyhansen.com

8. Hoyt Maxxis

top hunting compound for 2010, Maxxis 31 and 35 mark a radical advancement in Hoyt engineering and performance. This masterpiece of Hoyt craftsmanship is poised to dominate the archery world with radical design and unheard of standards of performance and reliability. Maxxis advances the Hoyt legacy with the all-new, past-parallel laminated XTS ARC Limb System—engineered to utterly kill vibration and produce an unbelievably smooth shot. ARC Limb Technology features incredibly high energy storage in a recoil-free, beyond-parallel configuration that increases speed and still provides for legendary Hoyt reliability. XTS ARC limbs deliver an extra quiet and super smooth shot, and they enhance dynamic cam alignment through the powerstroke for total accuracy and a sweet shot with blistering speed. MSRP: $929. www.hoyt.com

9. Camouflage Wine

Camouflage Wine is the brainchild of MadoroM owner Andy Amador, an avid lifelong hunter who wanted to create a cult wine for his hunting friends without the cult wine price. This wine is now available to all hunters who want a premium wine for a great price. Camouflage was created to accompany wild game and is best when shared with friends. The winery starts by securing the best fruit only from the Napa Valley, blending 45 percent Cabernet Sauvignon (from their 188-acre hunting ranch in Napa Valley) and 34 percent Syrah to give the wine depth, spice and easy drinking. The wine is finished with 16 percent Cabernet Franc and 5 percent Merlot, and then aged for 22 months in mostly French Oak barrels. Upon release, it is ready to be enjoyed with anything that is on the grill. Soon to be released in February 2010 will be Camouflage Sauvignon Blanc for anglers who are looking for that perfect white wine to pair with their catch of the day. $38 www.madorom.com

10. Master Lock Mini Safe

The Master Lock Mini Safe offers portable, convenient and Realtree APG-camouflaged security for use in any application where safe, concealed storage is required. The combination locking compact safe holds keys, cash, jewelry or other personal items and offers a weather-tight cover and a 6-inch cable lanyard to secure it to a tree, tree stand, ATV or backpack. MSRP: $14.99. www.masterlock.com

11.Nikon Coyote Special

to Nikon, predator hunters now have a choice of riflescopes built specifically for their unique needs. Paired with Nikon's all new BDC Predator Hunting Reticle, the new Coyote Special riflescopes are definitely at the top of the food chain. Nikon's patent-pending BDC Predator Hunting Reticle utilizes ballistic circles with carefully researched spacing that is designed around the needs of predator hunters. The unique, open-circle design does not obscure the target, making shots on a moving coyote easy. MSRP: $279.95. www.nikonhunting.com

12.Poske Team Realtree Handbag

with Realtree AP HD camo and black leather, this Team Realtree handbag makes a wonderful Christmas gift for any woman. Measuring 13 inches wide and 8.5 inches high, this handbag is a great size—not too big, not too small. It features two shoulder-length straps and a double snap closure and a flap that comes over the top and snaps on the front. The inside has three interior pockets to help keep the bag organized. MSRP: $54.99.

13.Próis Ultra Longsleeve

Próis' signature Ultra Longsleeve shirt is athletic cut with technical composition. This soft and durable shirt features 100 percent polyester wicking fabric to wick moisture from the skin to maintain warmth and dryness. The thumbholes at the cuff line are designed for warmth and camo coverage. This is a great shirt for archery or rifle seasons. Perfect by itself or as a thermal layering option. MSRP: $49.99. www.proishunting.com

14. Raider Realtree Camo MX Helmet

your off-road riding experience, protect your head wearing a Raider Realtree Camo MX Helmet. This helmet is DOT approved and features a lightweight thermoplastic shell, air intake and exhaust scoops, a non-slip goggle strap and ear pockets for a better fit. Available sizes S-2XL. MSRP: $129.95. www.raiderpowersports.com

15. Remington Model 887

redefines pump shotgun technology with the 12-gauge Model 887 Nitro Mag., an armor-clad workhorse designed to handle the most extreme hunting conditions on the planet. This durable shotgun has minimal external surfaces to rust. Remington's exclusive ArmorLokt construction process seals the receiver and barrel in a vault of weather-impervious polymer material. Its overmolded surface is built to with tand abrasion and hard-core hunting abuse, whether that's barbed wire, gnarly thorns or the bottom of a johnboat. And when it's time for action, Remington's revolutionary new SuperCell Recoil Pad so effectively reduces rearward force that it makes a magnum 12-gauge shell feel like a light field load. The Model 887 Nitro Mag is Remington's softest-shooting pump gun ever. That means enhanced confidence on the first shot and smoother, faster follow-ups. MSRP: $532. www.remington.com

16.SHE Outdoor Apparel C4 System

Outdoor Apparel went beyond the limits of design in the new C4 System. Together with its Elite Pro Staff Team, SHE Outdoor Apparel brings you the most revolutionary cold-weather garment system ever offered for women. If you are looking for warmth, quietness, wind resistance and revolutionary technical design all with complete waterproof protection, the C4 System was made for you. The C4 System includes the C4 Jacket, C4 Base Gloves, C4 Cold Gloves, C4 Beanie and C4 Vest. MSRP (jacket): $225. www.shesafari.com

17. Squeeze Meeze

Exclusive Team Realtree designs—the perfect stocking stuffer for the sporting dog in your life! Fun, realistic and playful, these toys will keep your dog entertained for hours on end. Each toy squeaks when squeezed and has a unique extendable feature. The bass's tail swishes from side to side, the duck's tail bobs and the turkey's waddle extends. MSRP: $7.99 each. www.premier.com

18. Traditions Pursuit LT

Pursuit LT break-open is designed for the hunter who treks the countryside or just prefers to carry a lighter gun. Its light 6.75-pound weight allows you to carry it all day in the field. Traditions continues to take its motto easy to use, easy to clean, easy to shoot to heart and is releasing the new Pursuit LT Accelerator utilizing the company's Accelerator Breech Plug. The same great features as the Pursuit LT and the addition of the Accelerator Breech Plug make this gun one of the best blackpowder guns on the market. The Accelerator Breech Plug releases with three quick revolutions using no tools. Simply twist the Accelerator Breech Plug and loosen until it is removed from the barrel for easy cleaning. The Realtree Hardwoods HD pattern on the stock offers the perfect camouflage for versatility and effectiveness. MSRP: $366 www.traditionsfirearms.com

19. Wise Company Wingmaster Camo Seat

This premium camo boat seat features special foam contours for maximum comfort. High back design and high compression foam provide superior stabilization. The 600 denier Cordura fabric is coated for water repellency along a with no-shine finish. The OEM grade NO PINCH aluminum hinge has a glare-free finish, and the injection-molded seat frame is virtually indestructible. Mounts on any four-bolt pedestal system. 4 T-Nuts included. Six-year frame warranty/ 3-year upholstery warranty. MSRP: $99.99. www.wiseseats.com

20. YETI Coolers Tundra 35qt

Construction of YETI Tundra coolers is carried to the extreme, because there are elite groups of outdoorsmen and adventurers who seek extremes. Desert sun has scorched these coolers. Blizzards have frozen them. Bears have gnawed on them. They have tumbled off trucks and cliffs. All the while, Tundra coolers have kept their cool. This is one ice chest that puts no conditions on reliability under the harshest conditions. MSRP: $279.99. www.yeticoolers.com