What Your Rifle Says About You: T/C Encore Pro Hunter

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What Your Rifle Says About You: T/C Encore Pro Hunter

Posted 2014-07-20T11:05:00Z

If somebody wants to know who you are, they don't need to creep around on Facebook; they just need to know what kind of rifle you prefer. This on-going series examines the rifle behind the sportsman.

T/C Encore Pro Hunter

T/C Pro Hunter in Realtree

You are practical, and you want one rifle that can do everything. Of course, you rarely change from your stainless .270 Win. barrel, but you could if you wanted, and that makes you happy. You like watching hunting shows, and you are a whitetail fanatic. You've got a Nikon scope on it, because it's a good value and will allow you to shoot clear across that wheat field you planted. You love shooting from the bench, and see yourself a little bit of a perfectionist. As such, there's not much that can go wrong with the T/C Encore Pro Hunter; it's as simple as rifles come. One shot, one kill, and then you can go admire your 10 point. You are a hunter, and while you sometimes use another rifle if the situation calls, there is something about the single shot that makes you proud.