Realtree Is New Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever National Sponsor and Partner in Conservation

Realtree Is New Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever National Sponsor and Partner in Conservation

Posted 2017-03-03T07:27:00Z

Learn More About the "First Bird" Program

I recently caught up with Bob St. Pierre, vice president of marketing for Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, to get his thoughts on Realtree's new conservation partnership with both organizations.

"Most of us got our hunting start walking a two-track path with dad, mom, and a bird dog," St. Pierre said. "The 'First Bird' program with Realtree celebrates that moment when our hunting heritage is passed on from one generation to the next."

It's about encouraging youth hunting, the preservation of habitat and resources.

" And part of that heritage is being stewards of wildlife habitat and fostering a conservation ethic," St. Pierre said. "Through this new partnership with Realtree, we're celebrating that moment when family, hunting, and conservation intersect."

Realtree is new Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever National Sponsor and Partner in Conservation © Drew Stoecklein photo

So where does Realtree come in?

The partnership allows Realtree to market its leading brand of camouflage patterns to Pheasants Forever's and Quail Forever's 145,000 members whose outdoor pursuits go well beyond upland hunting, while supporting the organization's overarching mission for wildlife habitat conservation.

Not only do we represent the largest collection of upland hunters in the nation, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one of our members who doesn't already own a piece of Realtree clothing for their other outdoor pursuits, stated Gerry Cliff, corporate sales representative for Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever. We encourage our members to exclusively purchase Realtree products for all of their camouflage needs. By doing so, they are supporting the mission of the nation's leading wildlife habitat conservation group.

The Habitat Organization has incorporated Realtree camouflage patterns for a number of years into its extensive collection of Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever merchandise. For 2017, the organization's online store features seven Realtree pattern products; including the best-selling Realtree Xtra and Snow Laced Pheasants Forever camo hoodies. With the commitment of Realtree as a new national sponsor and partner in conservation of Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever, members can look forward to more merchandise featuring Realtree designs.

At Realtree, we understand that all wildlife requires quality habitat. Through this new partnership with Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, we know that our commitment to conservation is going to help the uplands, the wetlands, and the forests where hunters spend their most cherished days; whether that's wearing blaze orange or camouflage, explained Ray Lynch, Realtree's vice president of marketing.

In addition to advertising in the Pheasants Forever Journal of Upland Conservation and the organization's websites and social media channels, Realtree will be the presenting sponsor for a new First Bird program in the coming year. Members who submit photos of their first harvested pheasant or other upland bird will receive a commemorative collector's pin and a personal note from Bill Jordan, creator of Realtree brand camouflage.

Additionally, a member brag board of these first-bird photos will be included in upcoming issues of the Pheasants Forever Journal.

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