Deputy Saves Sleeping Couple From Rattlesnake

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Deputy Saves Sleeping Couple From Rattlesnake

Posted 2019-06-14T23:38:00Z

Watch how close the snake gets to the pair as they sleep

In the bizarre camera footage above, the rattlesnake slithering next to the sleeping couple's head is probably the least strange part about the entire scenario.

I want to know what led this couple to choose the middle of a gravel lot as their sleeping location with nothing more than a thin piece of clothing to cushion them against the tiny rocks. I also want to know what the woman thought when the man scampered off without even a simple glance back to check on her.

The snake encounter was recorded on the body camera of Deputy Adam Sisk with the Maury County Sheriff's Department in middle Tennessee.

Dash cam video first shows Sisk pulling up to a dead-end gravel lot, where two people are sprawled out sound asleep. Check out just how close the rattlesnake is to their heads at this point in the footage.

Then we get the body-camera view as Sisk gets out of his car and alerts the pair to the presence of the rattlesnake, saying, Don't move. There's a rattlesnake right next to you.

Sisk then tells the couple, Go toward me. Go toward me.

The man, all about self-preservation, instantly darts off while the woman gets up slowly, obviously a little less concerned about the rattlesnake slithering nearby.

Chief Deputy Ray Jeter with the Maury County Sheriff's Department told Fox News he thought Sisk did a great job keeping them calm the best he could.

Jeter said the deputy's main priority was to make sure the man and woman were okay.

That's what we do every day, keep everybody safe and everyone gets to go home to their families, he said.

Sisk was called to the area around 9 a.m. last Thursday because the Maury County Sheriff's Department received a complaint of the two people on the gravel road.

He was shocked by what he saw and just wanted to keep those individuals safe, Jeter said.

He said the department decided to post the video on its Facebook page because after watching it, we felt it was something our community would like to see." He added that the video showed, our people doing good and helping folks and that the close encounter is not something you see every day.

Check out the Facebook post's comments section for a good laugh.

He added that the video is a good example of why people should be observant of your surroundings and listen to law enforcement when they tell you you're in danger.

Jeter said the man and woman, who were not identified, will not face any charges and no criminal activity took place. When asked why the pair was sleeping in the area, Jeter said, they really didn't give an answer for that.

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