Elevated Kennels Don't Stop Coyotes from Attacking Beagles

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Elevated Kennels Don't Stop Coyotes from Attacking Beagles

Posted 2019-05-22T23:02:00Z

A Georgia man thought his rabbit dogs were safe from coyotes, but he was wrong

Preston Boarts of Blairsville, Georgia, thought his three hunting dogs would be safe from a coyote attack. After all, he kept them in caged kennels three feet off the ground. So, he didn't think much about it when he heard commotion and barking early Tuesday morning. But when he went outside a few hours later, he discovered that this three beagles had been attacked through their cages.

Two of his three beagles were bleeding. Their paws and legs were banged up and chewed on. Both dogs had to be rushed to the animal hospital for surgery.

I noticed their pads were all torn up; one dog got one toe (bitten) clean off, and the right side of his pad is shot. I don't know if they're going to fix it or not, Boarts told wpxi.com.

Boarts believes the coyote attacked them from underneath the cages.

We're pretty much figuring it was a coyote because I never thought about anything even trying. That's why I got them up off the ground, so I don't have to worry about them, Boarts said.

He said he knows coyotes are around, but never thought his dogs were in danger.

We put it on Facebook to tell everybody keep an eye on their dogs and keep them in, because there are people that leave their dogs out at night, Boarts said.

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