First Wild Turkeys Test Positive for Avian Flu in Montana

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First Wild Turkeys Test Positive for Avian Flu in Montana

Posted 2022-05-09T00:00:00Z

The highly contagious viral disease has been found in 29 states so far

The first wild turkeys known to die of the avian flu have been discovered in Montana near MSU Billings.

According to NBC Montana, the person who discovered the first dead bird assumed it'd been struck by a vehicle, but after finding another dead turkey in the same area the next day, he called Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Game wardens collected and tested three of seven dead turkeys and found that they were positive for avian flu.

So far, the viral disease has appeared in 29 states nationwide, according to Montana FWP and the US Department of Agriculture.

People need to be aware that it is in their neighborhoods and that it is in birds and it does affect all birds. So eventually, songbirds could even get it, Montana FWP information and education program manager Bob Gibson said.

Montana FWP and state veterinarians are now encouraging people to stop using bird feeders and only wear dedicated clothing when entering chicken coops.

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