Mountain Goat Drowns Trying to Escape Crowd with Cameras

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Mountain Goat Drowns Trying to Escape Crowd with Cameras

Posted 2016-07-22T13:17:00Z

Mountain Goat Drowns Trying to Escape Crowd with Cameras

Armed with cameras and smartphones, a crowd of onlookers chased a mountain goat to its death in Seward, Alaska, earlier this week.

CNN reports the goat's death was set in motion when it ventured to the south end of the Seward Harbor breakwater dike on Saturday. A large group then followed the animal to the aquarium and marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation facility, where it jumped into the ocean. Unable to return to the rocky shore because of the people standing there, the goat drowned, according to a report of the incident.

Alaska State Troopers said: "It is imperative that wildlife is given adequate space to be able to leave a congested area like downtown Seward."

This is just another example of how social media drives some people to do anything for a great photo, including needlessly harming wildlife.

There have been a number of instances this year where an animal's needless death has come at the hands of onlookers with cameras.

I wrote a blog a few months ago about an exhausted deer that had to be put down after a crowd of onlookers spooked the buck into the water and prevented it from coming to shore.

As an ethical hunter and outdoor enthusiast, I believe in respecting wildlife and never causing undue suffering. I bet I'm not alone.

What do you think about people so desperate to capture a few good photos that they'll let an animal suffer and die in the process?