Porch Pirate Squirrel Caught in the Act

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Porch Pirate Squirrel Caught in the Act

Posted 2019-12-27T23:34:00Z

The pilfering critter is suspected of other package thefts as well

This time of the year, it's not uncommon for delivered packages to go missing from front porches. It's so common that the thieves have been dubbed Porch Pirates. But those pirates aren't always who you'd expect.

A home surveillance camera recently caught footage of a sneaky squirrel grabbing a package off the front porch of a San Pedora, California, home. The video shows the squirrel first scampering by the house and then returning to finish the caper. No one knows what the squirrel intended to do with the package, but fortunately, witnesses spotted the varmint and stopped the heist before it could be completed.

According to the resident, this may not be the squirrel's first pilfered package. He said he often finds his packages in the bushes and believes the mischievious squirrel may be the culprit.

Check out this Realblog post from a couple of years ago that shows a squirrel stealing from a Christmas gift basket.

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