Rutting Bucks Break Into Homes and Businesses

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Rutting Bucks Break Into Homes and Businesses

Posted 2012-11-01T20:59:00Z  by  Stephanie Mallory

Rutting Bucks Break Into Homes and Businesses

Home and business break-ins and vandalism are on the rise, only the culprits are not burglars or even people. Deer are busting down doors, breaking windows and ransacking interiors leaving befuddled homeowners and office workers in their wake.

Just last week, a massive 300-pound deer broke into a home in northeast Philadelphia leaving behind a gigantic mess. Ron Philipose received a call from police over the weekend telling him they'd received reports of glass breaking indicating a burglary might be in process. When Philipose and several police officers arrived at his home, they spotted blood on the couch and wall. The police asked Philipose to leave for his own safety. With guns drawn, officers searched the inside of the home, which was in shambles. When they made it to the back room, they found the intruder – a massive 300-pound deer that had managed to break a fence and window to get inside. They had to euthanize the deer after unsuccessful attempts to remove the deer from the house.

That wasn't the only deer break-in last week. An 80-pound spike crashed through a double-paned window into a Jackson, Miss., business before work hours. When employees arrived, they discovered him in the break room, where they locked him in. The young buck knocked over tables and chairs and tried to leap on top of cabinets to escape. Fortunately for the deer, an animal control officer was able to remove it from the building.

On Oct. 19, a 6-point buck leapt through the window of a man's home in Arkansas and demolished his bedroom. Randy Abercrombie was taking out the trash when he heard a loud noise. His neighbor, David Riggs, saw the buck jump through the window and yelled across the street to Abercrombie about what he just saw. Abercrombie picked up his child's car seat to use as a shield. He planned to try to rid his home of the deer himself, but when he saw the deer-damaged room, he changed his mind. He called animal control officers who tranquilized the deer and released it back into the wild. The deer left behind a lot of damage, ruining a water bed, laptop and a senior picture with sentimental value.

Earlier in October, a buck tried to break into a South Carolina gym. Anytime Fitness's surveillance camera caught the deer repeatedly trying to bust through the glass doors. After two attempts, the deer ran off apparently uninjured. Click on the image above to watch a video of the break-in attempt.

Each of these incidents, no doubt, involved rutting bucks, which were demonstrating eractic and aggressive behavior. Although most rutting bucks focus their aggression on other bucks, every now and then, they take out their frustration on buildings and other inanimate objects. So, have you ever had a deer break in your home or business? Ever witness a rutting buck acting aggressively toward an inanimate object or person?