That's not a Disney Movie Deer

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That's not a Disney Movie Deer

Posted 2020-01-31T23:57:00Z

News station alludes to fairy tale princesses while reporting on people feeding wild doe

Wild animals and people magically get along in Disney movies. A news anchor reporting about people hand-feeding a deer in Hugo, Minnesota, opened the story with a scene from "Sleeping Beauty."

The problem is that in real life, people who get too friendly with wild animals frequently end up getting hurt. And when people get hurt, the animal usually ends up dead.

But nonetheless, the KARE 11 report says that John Dolan got a chance "to be a real-life-Disney-princess" when a friendly deer approached him and his son.

Dolan, who is an avid deer hunter, said the doe's friendly behavior made for quite an afternoon. When his son's girlfriend showed up with her car, the deer immediately went for some fries under her seat. Chances are this wasn't the doe's first encounter with people.

Obviously, no one meant any harm. And it would be tough not to smile at a nuzzling doe looking for a treat. But it's important to remember that unlike in Disney movies, "friendly" deer hurt people all of the time. In fact, I just wrote about a pet deer injuring a woman in Tennessee. KARE 11 reached out to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which advised against feeding the deer, and actually recommended scaring away any deer that seems friendly.

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