Watch Dead Rattlesnake Slither on Hot Grill

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Watch Dead Rattlesnake Slither on Hot Grill

Posted 2019-03-01T23:44:00Z

Watch Dead Rattlesnake Slither on Hot Grill

Its head had been cut off. Its skin and guts had been removed, yet the rattlesnake still twists, coils and slithers on the hot grill as it is being cooked. What kind of dark magic did this YouTube video capture?

Let's be honest. Most people would be a bit unnerved by the scene, but not the Texas hunters featured in the footage above. Nope, they seem unphased.

According to Fox News, Rick Nolan, 64, shared the video of the creepy rattlesnake grilling experience to Facebook earlier this month. He, his son Tim and a buddy named Big John Washburn decided to make a dinner out of the rattlesnake that they killed on a deer lease.

They skinned it, gutted it and stuck it on the grill, along with some dove and pork, but the dead snake began to uncoil and move around on the grill as it cooked.

"Close that lid on him, one of the men recommends, while another can be heard warning, He's gonna flop out!

One of the men points out how the snakemeat looks as if it's trying to strike.

Golly, he is, the cook says. I don't know what to do.

Tim then uses the tongs to hold the snake in place, while the men season the wriggling reptile with spices.

Eventually he's gonna die, one of the hunters says.

Surely he's dead by now! responds another.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the men finally managed to cook and eat the snake.

As their calm demeanor suggests, the Texas hunters probably knew that dead reptiles, including snakes, can still retain the ability to move after death because their nerves continue to function.

You can read more about this eerie phenomenon here.

So, what would you have done in this situation? Would you have continued to grill and eat the snake?

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