Timber 2 Table - Backstrap Stuffed Grilled Pineapple

Grill your next backstrap stuffed inside a bacon wrapped pineapple for an interesting and delicious presentation

Backstrap Stuffed Grilled Pineapple

20 Min

Prep Time

60 Min

Cook Time





Venison and pineapple go great together in a sweet and savory stir fry, and those same flavors pair up in this fun and interesting presentation of a seasoned backstrap stuffed inside a whole pineapple that gets wrapped in bacon and grilled.

Serve the backstrap and pineapple over rice for a full meal.

The inspiration for this one came in the form of a recipe video that used pork. Of course we immediately thought of venison backstrap. Once cooked, simply slice the pineapple and venison into medallions and serve over rice to make it a meal.

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Not only do the flavors of pineapple, bacon, and backstrap match well together, the juice from the pineapple helps tenderize the venison as it cooks.


1 backstrap roast, 1.5-2.5 pounds

1 whole pineapple

3 tablespoons teriyaki sauce

1 tablespoon Asian-inspired seasoning blend

1 pound bacon

BBQ sauce

White rice for serving

Cooking Instructions

Start by seasoning the backstrap. Sprinkle over your seasoning blend of choice. We used RECTEQ Jody's Asian Persuasion. Next, drizzle over the teriyaki sauce. Set the backstrap aside.

Season the backstrap on all sides.

To prepare the pineapple, start by slicing off the top. Set aside, you'll need the top later. Slice a bit off the bottom of the pineapple to make a flat surface for stability. Slice off the outer shell of the pineapple.

Remove the top and core the pineapple.

Use a pineapple corer or a filet knife to remove the center core from the pineapple, making it a hollow tube. Weave the bacon into a flat sheet.

It's hard to go wrong with a recipe that starts with a bacon weave.

Slide the seasoned backstrap into the center of the pineapple. Wrap the pineapple with the woven bacon sheet. Pin the bacon in place with toothpicks. Place the top back on the pineapple and pin it with a toothpick too, if you wish.

Stuff the seasoned backstrap into the cored and peeled pineapple.

Place the pineapple on your grill — pre-heated to about 350 degrees. Cook for 15 minutes, then brush the exterior with BBQ sauce. Continue cooking for another 30-45 minutes, brushing with sauce every 15 minutes or so. Use an instant read digital thermometer inserted into the center of the backstrap to check for doneness. Shoot for 130-135 for medium-rare.

Brush the bacon with BBQ sauce every 15 minutes as the venison grills.

Once the meat is at your desired doneness level, remove the pineapple from the grill. Rest for 10 minutes. To serve, turn the pineapple on its side and slice into ½- or ¾-inch rounds. Serve over white rice.

Slice through the pineapple and backstrap for serving.