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How to Fillet a Fish

How to Fillet a Fish





Realtree.com editor Will Brantley shares a quick, easy process on how to fillet a fish.

The first step is to start with a good, sharp fillet knife. Keeping the fish on ice after you catch them will help firm up the meat and make the process a bit easier.

The first cut is made right behind the gills. Work the knife along the back, taking care to follow the rib cage. Once you're past the ribs, push the knife through the fish, coming out near the bottom fin.

Then follow the vertebrae to about an inch from the end of the tail. Now it's time to start peeling the fillet back, using the tip of your knife to follow the rib bones. Cut through the skin just about the stomach. Now, laying your knife flat against the skin peel the fillet off.