Realtree Wants Your Spring Turkey Strut Reports

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Realtree Wants Your Spring Turkey Strut Reports

Posted 2015-03-10T08:39:00Z

Publish yours and read others from around the country . . . wants your spring turkey Strut Reports.

Up north, there's still snow on the ground. Early indications suggest the spring dispersal may have just started.

Has the spring dispersal started up north? In fact, just today I saw these two Maine hens traveling alone. Now they may have been separated from their winter flock. Then again, year in, year out, mid-March is often the time we see wild turkeys leaving their groups and moving off to find others.

Biology demands it.

Then again, spring turkey season has already started down in southern Florida. That's what makes hunting gobblers so great these days.

You can travel to the Sunshine State for early birds. You can hop on a plane, or road trip, and find a season opening in another state. March. April. May.

What's the latest? The 2015 Maine spring turkey season runs all the way to June 6.

Go to our Strut Reports and publish yours now.That's why we want to hear from you . . .

Get something started. Join our digital turkey camp. Go here to publish your scouting report and to see what other turkey hunters around the country are seeing.

Best of luck to everyone this spring turkey season.

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Steve Hickoff is Realtree's turkey hunting editor and blogger.