Video: New JAKE PURR-FECT™ 3D Decoy

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Video: New JAKE PURR-FECT™ 3D Decoy

Posted 2016-01-12T09:26:00Z

The Latest From Montana Decoy Company

In this video, a longbeard clearly takes issue with the jake decoy, contesting dominance, real or imagined.

According to Montana Decoy, the combination of JAKE PURR-FECT™ 3D Jake Decoy's realistic feathers, 3D body, short beard and red head gives every indication of authenticity to the discerning eye of hens and toms alike. The different poses of this decoy will get a gobbler's attention, but the realism will bring him in.

Do you use gobbler decoys in the spring to pull real fighting-mad birds into range?