Watch a Gobbler Breed a Hen

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Watch a Gobbler Breed a Hen

Posted 2019-03-08T05:35:00Z

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Some wild turkey breeding facts . . .

In spring, a male turkey gobbles to call hens for mating. A gobbler's strutting is a spring mating display.

When willing, a hen squats on the ground before a gobbler. The gobbler, twice her size, climbs on her back and they breed.

Dominant spring gobblers breed as many hens as they can. Both older boss hens and younger female turkeys breed and nest.

After successfully breeding, a hen begins laying her eggs - often one daily until done. Hens will often nest again if unsuccessful. Some nesting isn't successful, though.

Once eggs are hatched, a brood hen tends to her young. By summer, gobblers have often grouped together in all-male flocks.

And by next spring, it starts all over again.

(Josh Honeycutt video; Steve Hickoff text)

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