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Realtree 34" EZ Hanger + Arrow Combination

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The Realtree EZ Hanger keeps your valuable tools within arm's reach, minimizing your movements and maximizing your efficiency. With your gear readily available, your hands are free for calling and shooting, giving you the edge you need in the field. Its compact size fits easily into your backpack or gun case, making it highly portable and convenient. Designed with hunters in mind, the Realtree EZ Hanger features a longer hook to accommodate wider bows, ensuring a secure and stable placement. Each package includes one EZ Hanger, providing you with the functionality and convenience you need for your outdoor adventures.



  • Screws in to trees with ease
  • 3 Arms extend to 34"
  • EZ Arrow Attaches to EZ Hangers for Easy Access
  • Arrow Holds us to 6 additional Arrows
  • Keeps your valuable tools within arms reach
  • Keeps your movements to a minimum
  • Frees up your hands for calling and shooting
  • Fits into your backpack or gun case
  • Longer hook to accommodate wider bows
  • 1-per package

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1 Review

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    Dec 7th 2022

    34" bow hanger

    Love this product, would not be without it. Keep 2 extra in truck just in case I leave one in the tree. Bow is always at hand giving me the freedom to do other things like run a camera or use binos!