New York City Votes to Perform Vasectomies on Deer

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New York City Votes to Perform Vasectomies on Deer

Posted 2016-06-15T22:57:00Z

This Is the World We Live In.

The level of absurdity recently reached new heights. (Shutterstock/Critterbiz photo)

I'll begin this post by quoting legendary Ron White: You can't fix stupid.

That was my initial thought when I read the headline titled New York City moves forward on plan to perform vasectomies on deer on

My second thought: They could at least put a photo of a whitetail on there instead of a sika deer. That's right. They can't even correctly identify a whitetail and we expect this plan consisting of neutering hundreds of white-tailed bucks to work.

I know each of you are already thinking it, but I'll say it for you. A bow and a full quiver would be so much more efficient. And humane . . .

But according to NBC4I, the Associated Press reported that this is the plan of action the City of New York has chosen to combat the overpopulation of deer on Staten Island.

"The state Department of Environmental Conservation must also approve the plan. The department has said deer fertility control programs have 'limited effectiveness.' It only permits such programs if they're part of a scientific study," the report said.

A 2014 aerial survey found 763 deer in Staten Island's green spaces. Some ecologists believe there might now be more than 1,000. The study would start in September. Hundreds of bucks would be tranquilized, given vasectomies and released onto parkland over three years, it continued.

Two million dollars. That's what this is going to cost. Yet we run in circles trying to chase tails that aren't there while ignorantly questioning why our economy is in such terrible shape.

You can't fix stupid.

An intelligent committee with right minds would have proposed a quota archery hunt, sold permits, and made 15 grand. Not spending $2 million. And that's not even considering the terrible health these bucks will be in after all of these does cycle into estrus three or four times.

The lack of common sense and display of intelligence is non-existent, folks. It's nowhere to be found.

But I'm just a guy from Backwoods, Kentucky.

What do I know.

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