Coyotes Chase Skiers at Idaho Resort

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Coyotes Chase Skiers at Idaho Resort

Posted 2023-02-13T13:34:00Z

A woman was bitten by one of the wild canines

Coyotes are chasing skiers as they navigate down the slopes at Idaho's Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort.

Idaho Fish and Game has received multiple reports of the unusual coyote behavior and is working with resort staff to develop a plan to dispatch the coyotes.

According to the Idaho State Journal, one of the coyotes bit a female skier, causing minor injury.

In addition, during the week of January 22, Fish and Game received reports of two coyotes roaming a business district near downtown Sandpoint. The animals seem comfortable around humans.

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Fish and Game conservation officers worked with local law enforcement to capture and dispatch one of the animals, and efforts are still underway to capture the remaining one. The dead coyote's body has been retained for further testing, if needed.

Another coyote ran into a bar and huddled in a corner until Fish and Game retrieved it. Some speculate the animal was sick because of its calm behavior.

It is unknown why the coyotes are behaving so abnormally. There are very few documented cases of rabies in land mammals in Idaho, so it is unlikely these coyotes are rabid. Their odd behavior is most likely due to habituation to humans, which often occurs when people feed the wild canines.

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