Deer Runs Over Man in McDonald's Parking Lot

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Deer Runs Over Man in McDonald's Parking Lot

Posted 2020-02-10T23:19:00Z

Ken Worthy says he's OK, but did double over in laughter after collision

One Charlotte, North Carolina, man has become a viral sensation after his collision with a deer in a McDonald's parking lot was caught on a security camera.

Ken Worthy shared the video footage of his bizarre deer encounter on Facebook. In the video you see him and his wife walking to their car when a deer comes running in from out of nowhere. It plows into Worthy, knocking him to the ground, before continuing on. Thankfully, Worthy wasn't hurt in the collision.

"It was absolutely nuts," he told WSCOTV9. "It was just a bit of brown, and then I saw his face and I was down on the ground. That quick."

Worthy, who is a retired detective, said he's not surprised by much, but didn't expect something like that to happen at 12:30 in the afternoon while leaving a McDonald's.

He said after it happened, he doubled over laughing.

"A lot of people I've told the story to said, 'Oh, you hit a deer with your car.' No, the deer ran over me in the parking lot," he said.

Worthy said he was grateful no one was hurt.

It wasn't my wife, he said. It wasn't kids in the parking lot. It could have been worse. We're very blessed.

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