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Timber 2 Table - BBQ Wild Pork and Cheese Stuffed Bread

Use frozen yeast dinner rolls to make these quick and easy appetizers from your leftover wild pig BBQ

BBQ Wild Pork and Cheese Stuffed Bread

30 Min

Prep Time

25 Min

Cook Time





Whenever we smoke a wild pig, or even just a shoulder or ham, we often have leftovers.

Image: pork_rolls-3

Large cuts or whole wild pigs often result in leftover pulled pork.

Sure, you can vacuum-seal and freeze them for handy sandwich fixings, but you can also use it in other recipes.

Image: pork_rolls-7

A tasty way to use up leftover pulled pork.

This quick appetizer is always a hit when I serve it at parties, dinners, or game-day get-togethers. Besides the pulled pork, there are only two other ingredients: frozen yeast dinner rolls, and cubed cheddar or pepperjack cheese.

Image: pork_rolls-2

Cube up your favorite brand of cheese.

You want the uncooked rolls for this one, the kind that need to rise for a few hours before you bake them. Find them in the frozen bread section of your local supermarket. Sure, you can make your own dough if you have the time and a recipe you like, but these taste great and are easy to make with very little cleanup afterward.

Image: pork_rolls-1

Allow the uncooked yeast dinner rolls to rise according to package instructions.

Place a dozen (or really as many as you like) rolls in a lightly greased baking dish and allow them to rise in a warm area according to package directions. Once the rolls have risen, take one out and stretch it like you would a mini pizza crust so that it is thin and more or less round.

Image: pork_rolls-4

Stretch the risen dough into a thin round and fill with pork and a cheese cube.

Put a spoonful of pulled pork and a block of cheddar on the center of the dough. Roll the edges up and around the filling, pinching it to seal.

Image: pork_rolls-5

Pinch the dough around the filling to seal.

Set the filled rolls, seam side down, onto a greased baking sheet. Bake according to package directions, usually 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees, or until the rolls are cooked through and golden brown.

Image: pork_rolls-6

Bake the rolls until golden brown and fully cooked.

Serve as an appetizer, a snack, or even a main dish.


1 pound pulled bbq wild pork

12 uncooked frozen yeast dinner rolls

12 ¾” cubes of cheddar or pepperjack cheese

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