2022 Southwest Deer Hunting Forecast

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2022 Southwest Deer Hunting Forecast

Posted 2022-08-11T15:29:00Z

Check out Antler Nation's 2022 grades for Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas and more

The Southwest is primed for another solid deer season. Image by Dennis W Donohue

The Southwest is a different animal but a place where whitetails seem to thrive. Deer find ways to excel and grow in these arid places, even where food seems limited. And we're forecasting another great deer season for 2022. Check out the details.


Arizona is one of two great states for hunting Coues whitetails. It's renowned for the number and size of the subspecies. Those who hunt here can expect good success rates. It's a solid destination for folks planning to enjoy the Coues hunting experience.

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Another state where hunters tend to focus on elk, mule deer and other big game, Colorado is primed for an excellent whitetail season, too. The state offers many areas with great deer numbers, solid buck age structures and great performance in most Antler Nation metrics.

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New Mexico

Although not as good as Arizona, New Mexico offers some opportunities to hunt Coues whitetails. There are significantly fewer deer in the state, but people who obtain tags for the right areas can have a great hunt.

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Perhaps one of the most overlooked states in the country, Oklahoma is projecting another incredible season. Whitetail numbers are good here, and lots of big bucks roam the landscape. Folks who find quality access should get excited about this fall.

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The fabled Texas is a deer hunter's dream. Most hunters have it on their bucket list, and for good reason. Southern giants live here. It's also loaded with great deer numbers. Unless significant changes have occurred in localized areas, expect a typical Texas deer season this fall.

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Overall, the Southwest is shaping up for a fine deer season. Hunters who hit the woods can expect a 2022 season similar to the past few. And it might get better in some spots. Maybe that will be true for you and your hunting buddies.

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