MY DIY Duck Hunt For Dinner

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MY DIY Duck Hunt For Dinner

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I spent most of the weekend trying to figure out the local ducks. We didn't get the ducks completely figured out, but we checked out a couple different areas of the lake and river and shot enough for dinner for a couple nights.

It was my first time hunting with a dog, which ended up being awesome, since most of the area I hunted was so muddy I couldn't walk through it. She was able to retrieve the birds without a problem.

That's what hunting is about to me. We went to have fun. We went to get supper. We accomplished both. Here's a little recap of my experience. And if you want to get to know who I am and where I come from, you can read my first post here.

Duck decoys on the water

The decoy spread was all set up and ready to go. Now, time to sit and wait for the birds to start flying over. We'll see if we can trick some into coming in.

Kayla Nevius the duck hunter

Always feeling confident in my ability to blend into my surroundings when I'm covered in Realtree camouflage.

Watching a dog retrieve a duck is a wonderful sight

Bella did great swimming across the river to a couple of mallards we shot while exploring some new areas.

Greenhead mallard duck

It felt good to be shooting ducks locally again. It's the first time I'd done that since I was a little kid.

Kayla Nevius hunts waterfowl

Checked out some new spots with my gun in hand. It was a good thing, too. The overcast skies had the birds flying.

A duck dog and a limit of ducks

It was my first time hunting with a dog, and I'm glad I had her. The main place we hunted was full of sticky, deep mud that I could barely walk through. Past the thick mud was deep water that would go over my waders, so a dog was a life saver when it came to retrieving birds.

Waterfowl hunting and duck meat

My boyfriend, Jordan, taught me how to clean ducks. I got to clean and prepare them for dinner!