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Coyote Encounter Results in Serious Injuries for New York Woman

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Coyote Encounter Results in Serious Injuries for New York Woman

Posted 2023-07-07  by  Stephanie Mallory

The wild canine grabbed her dog’s leash, causing the woman to fall

An elderly woman was severely injured during a coyote encounter in Oakville, New York.

According to CHCH, Carol Dickinson was walking her chihuahua, Peanut, when a coyote approached from behind her and grabbed the dog’s leash from her hand.

“With the force of him pulling my dog, I did a face plant right on the sidewalk and injured myself severely. My hand was slit from one side to the other. I was bleeding like a stuffed pig on the sidewalk, I’m yelling ‘Help me help me, somebody, please help me,'” she said.

A neighbor called for help and Dickinson went to the hospital. Her son Brian Dickinson says she suffered some traumatic injuries, but it could have been worse.

Coyotes make a daily appearance in her neighborhood and Dickinson says she now feels like a prisoner in her own home.

She said she would like the Town of Oakville to remove the wild canines, but the town says it doesn’t take steps to control the coyote population.

The Oakville-Burlington Humane Society says if you come into contact with a coyote, you should stop, pick up small dogs and children if you’re able to, and back away slowly.

“Don’t run or turn your back on it. We also advise carrying things like noise makers or large garbage bags you can snap through the air to humanely haze the coyote, letting it know this is not an area that it wants to be in, and try to remain a safe distance.”

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