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CVA Realtree EXCAPE Camo Crossfire Muzzleloader

CVA Realtree EXCAPE Camo Crossfire Muzzleloader

Posted 2023-10-04

This muzzleloader utilizes the Federal Firestick system for increased safety and simplicity

Image: CR3804NM

The new CVA Crossfire muzzleloader, available in Realtree EXCAPE camo, utilizes the Federal® FireStick™ system, which takes the guesswork out of muzzleloading, and increases safety and simplicity. The Crossfire muzzleloader is a great gun for both beginners and experienced shooters as it is designed to be easy to load, easy to shoot and easy to unload.

The FireStick ignition system uses pre-loaded powder capsules that are loaded into the breech of the rifle, with only the projectile being loaded through the muzzle. Having the same exact charge on every shot allows for more consistent velocities, which increase accuracy and performance.

Since the FireStick is designed for one-time use, there’s no real cleaning involved in the breech area. The Firestick not only speeds up reloading, it also reduces the need for many common muzzleloader accessories, making it much easier for beginners. Powder measures, powder flasks, nipple picks, speed loaders, cappers, and parts soakers are not needed with this rifle. With the Crossfire Muzzleloader, you just need 209 primers, bullets, FireSticks and short starter.

The Crossfire Muzzleloader comes with a 26-inch stainless-steel fluted barrel for decreased weight without sacrificing performance. It also comes standard with a DuraSight® DEAD-ON™ one-piece scope mount and CVA’s solid aluminum PalmSaver Ramrod.

The muzzleloader is comfortable to carry on long treks and easy to maneuver in the treestand or in tight spots. It’s the perfect choice for the hunter or shooter looking for convenience and safety.


* Caliber: .50 Caliber

* Federal Firestick Ignition

* Barrel: 26-inch Fluted, Stainless Steel, NitrideFinish: Burnt Bronze Cerakote

* Length of Pull: 14 inches

* Sights: None, DuraSight® Dead-On Scope Mount

* Stock: Realtree EXCAPE Camo Synthetic Ambidextrous Stock with CrushZone Recoil Pad

* Overall Length: 41inches

* Weight: 7.95 pounds

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