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Realtree EDGE Camo PowerXL™ Cordless Duosealer™

Realtree EDGE Camo PowerXL™ Cordless Duosealer™

Posted 2023-09-20

Seals in Freshness and Flavor 5x Longer

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The PowerXL™ Cordless Duosealer™ in Realtree EDGE camo seals in freshness and flavor up to 5x longer than traditional food-storage methods, making it ideal for the hunter or angler who wants to preserve his catch or kill for future meals.

Thanks to high-power air extraction and the double airtight seal, your food stays fresh until you’re ready to open it.

The PowerXL Cordless Duosealer helps eliminate freezer burn for up to three years, while the double airtight seal keeps oxygen out for max freshness.

Vacuum bag rolls with air flow channels help by preventing bacteria growth by allowing for easy and fast removal of excess air.

The Power XL Cordless can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to food preservation. It can save your coffee and seal your valuables. It can help keep documents and photographs safe, tools corrosion-free or organize arts and crafts.

The new and improved cordless design uses less countertop space and stores easily in a drawer.

Image: power-xl

The set includes

• PowerXL™ Boost Blender™† ($70 VALUE)

• 4 Rolls PowerXL Bio Bags™ ($50 VALUE)

• 2-pc. Duo Jar Sealers ($19.99 VALUE)

PowerXL™ is out to change the way people think about their kitchen time and home tasks. PowerXL’s products powers people to feel awesome doing the daunting – every day, all day long. To find out more, visit

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