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Shark Bites Girl Twice As She Swam at Cocoa Beach

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Shark Bites Girl Twice As She Swam at Cocoa Beach

Posted 2023-07-12  by  Stephanie Mallory

The 12-year-old girl suffered approximately 75 to 100 puncture wounds to her leg

A shark attacked and injured a 12-year-old girl while she was swimming in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Magnolia Woodhead was swimming south of the beach’s pier when the shark bit her at least twice.

“I just started screaming,” Woodhead told Fox 35 Orlando.

"Right when I got out of the water, I just started screaming because I knew that it wasn't good," Woodhead said.

Her mother, Melissa Stallings said, "My husband picks her up, and I could see blood dripping down her leg.”

Woodhead received treatment at a hospital, where she received 50 stitches for approximately 75 to 100 puncture wounds up and down her thigh. Doctors told Woodhead that the number of puncture wounds indicated the shark likely bit her twice.

Woodhead, who had traveled to the area from Philadelphia for a gymnastics competition, said she was mostly just concerned about how the shark attack would impact her upcoming meet. The shark attack occurred during a beach outing the family had taken the day before the competition.

"My first thought was, like, I'm not going to do gymnastics," Woodhead said.

"Shark bite was not on the agenda for the day, I'll tell you that," her mom added.

Woodhead was unable to compete, but she still cheered on her teammates from the sidelines.

"I was just there because I really wanted to support my teammates because I know they've worked so hard on this contest and stuff,” she said.

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