4 Types of Releases for Bowhunters

4 Types of Releases for Bowhunters

Posted 2018-09-10T10:43:00Z  by  Realtree Staff

Which Type Is Your Favorite?

What type of release aid do you find most accurate? (Brad Herndon photo)

Choosing a release aid is like choosing a wife. She's got to be just right in order to take that super dive into the deep end. And like women, no two are created equally. Different materials are used, steel tolerances and quality are never the same, price tags are rarely identical and there are a bizillion different styles to choose from depending on your preferred method of hunting or target shooting.

With the choices and the prices seemingly going on forever and a day, and the prices of said release aids going higher and higher with every passing season -- due to materials and operating costs -- it's strongly recommended that you do your due diligence. Do plenty of research online in chat forums and definitely take a trip to your local archery dealer and try to test-fire some of your top choices before making the purchase that can seriously affect the outcome of your next big-game hunt or 3D competion.

Fingers and Finger Tabs: These are mostly used by traditional archers. Although, some compound archers are beginning to use them, too. Accuracy will likely decrease if using with compound bows, but you can fire an arrow quicker.

Index-Finger Release: This style is the most popular with deer hunters. They're easy to put on, easy to learn how to shoot with and they stay put once they're strapped to your wrist. That's an important factor, especially for treestand bowhunters.

Back-Tension Release: These are big on the 3D competition circuit. They take some getting used to, but are tops when the ultimate in accuracy is your aim. The trigger mechanisms will trip the string with the use of back tension, which obviously will make these super-accurate once you master them.

Thumb-Trigger Release: This one is almost a hybrid-style release. It's great once you learn it, though. It's very accurate and is a solid option for both competition archers and bowhunters as well.

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