Take One. Make One.

Take One. Make One.

Posted 2001-10-11T07:00:00Z

A South Carolina DNR Program


Adult hunters and anglers mentoring in values, ethics, wildlife and land stewardship, citizenship, hunting and fishing activities will take a step to another level. Beginning in the summer of 2000 WESTVACO announced an adult mentor incentive program for individuals and hunting clubs who lease their property in support of the "Take One Make One" program. For every student each club or individual sponsors for an entire season, WESTVACO and Champion will give a cash incentive of $100 per student to the club or individual mentor. International Paper Company is sponsoring youth hunting and outdoor events in support of the "Take One Make One" program.

Building for Our Future

These special incentive programs will be targeted to encourage an adult mentor/volunteer to sponsor a youth or young adult 12 years old through 27 years of age. Many of our young hunters have never had the chance to hunt, fish or spend time in the outdoors.

This special "Take One Make One" program will be offered to all adult mentors and hunting groups throughout South Carolina. Adult mentors can volunteer to sponsor a youth they know that has never had the opportunity to hunt and fish or if they need a youth near their home they can request a student be assigned to them for this special hunting opportunity of a life time. Each student and adult mentor must complete an application for the program in order to be eligible for the incentive program.

Each mentor will be provided $2 million of general liability insurance coverage at no cost and an education package that will tell them how to mentor a youth. The students will be required to enroll in and pass the South Carolina hunter education course and only when they are certified by their adult mentor will they participate in seasonal hunting activities.

The adult mentors are volunteers from various hunt clubs and private landowners who are willing to share their experience and knowledge with our younger generation. A background check is conducted on every adult mentor who has contact with a student in the program to ensure we have the" right adults teaching the right stuff" to our students.

We strongly urge you to get involved in this special program and introduce a youngster to the sport of hunting and fishing, you will never regret the experience.

Realtree Playing a Role

Bill Jordan, President of Realtree Outdoors has endorsed the program, "We at Realtree truly appreciate the efforts of the SC Department of Natural Resources and the 'Take One Make One' program. More than ever, the health of our natural resources depends on the involvement of future generations of hunters and anglers. The 'Take One Make One' goal of recruiting youth and young adults who have not had previous hunting experience is the key to the future."

Bobby Richardson, 1960 World Series MVP, 5 Gold Glove Awards, 7 Major League All Star Team appearances, and USC Baseball Coach, is another celebrity ambassador for the program. Bobby has been a lifelong outdoorsman and would like for you to "Join him in giving a youth the chance to enjoy all of God's blessings of the great outdoors. Spend some time teaching and passing on our South Carolina outdoor heritage. You will never regret the experience."

Cale Yarborough, three time Winston Cup and NASCAR Champion is one of the programs celebrity ambassadors. He will be doing several endorsments and video productions in support of the program. Cale has always been a lifelong outdoorsman and hunter and his favorite saying yet today is, "I never saw a youngster go bad that was trained by a huntin' dog." Cale strongly believes in the "Take One Make One" program and is going to do whatever he can to help encourage students and adults to participate.

The program has just completed the second year and is starting another signup of adult mentors and students. The program offers more than just a one-time opportunity for a youth to get outdoors. South Carolina has very strong youth outdoor heritage, and combining the efforts of corporate and conservation groups with the "Take One Make One" program will increase the opportunities for the youth of South Carolina to spend quality time enjoying the outdoors. The "Take One Make One" program will allow students a chance to learn the proper values and ethics associated with firearm handling and appreciating wildlife conservation under the direct supervision of an experienced adult mentor.

Students in the program will learn the six values of outdoor ethics. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Safety, Honor, and Personal Courage. Each value is designed to make them think about their actions and how they should behave and treat others around them. Teaching values provides them with a solid background on positive ethical behavior that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Students are provided a handbook that requires them to keep an outdoor journal that qualifies them to attain achievement awards for spending time in an outdoor field environment. Along with the handbook is a field guide and workbook which requires the student to complete assignments prior to every field experience. Education, ethics, and safety are three of the most important aspects of the overall program.

More Program Particulars

Every adult mentor will be issued a special adult mentor handbook. Included in the handbook are subjects on safety, ethics, conservation, and a chapter in youth behavior called, "Reaching a New Generation." This special chapter explains how youth think and react in the high tech world of today. The handbook provides them with the tools to understand and handle situations they may face during the season of activities.

The "Take One Make One" program is a complete education-based program designed to teach students about the total outdoor experience. The results of the program will be seen in the faces of every adult and student for years to come. The greatest challenge of our life is to pass on the traditions and experiences of the outdoors to our younger generation. Teaching our youth how to be responsible and ethical stewards of the outdoors will ensure a strong outdoor future for all of the citizens of South Carolina.

Added to the program in 2000 to increase youth participation in the shooting sports and wildlife conservation was the "Take One Make One" Outdoor Heritage trailer. The mobile outdoor education facility includes a 21-foot indoor air gun range sponsored by Crossman Air guns, and a DART Interactive Video Shooting System sponsored by the SC State Chapter of the NWTF. Corporate industry donated the funding to purchase the 50-foot Outdoor Heritage Trailer which is used in the education of students throughout the Southeast. Corporate Sponsors include, Bill Jordan and Realtree Outdoors, Quail Unlimited, The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, The NRA and NRA Foundation, Buckmasters and the American Deer Foundation, The National Shooting Sports Foundation, and many other donors throughout the United States.

How Can I Join As a Youth Or Young Adult?

1. You must enroll and pass the SC Hunter Education Course.

2. Once enrolled, you will be assigned to a region near your home with a sponsoring club or mentor.

3. You must be willing to participate in all categories of Hunter and Shooting Sports Education, safety, conservation and hunting activities.

4. You must maintain your outdoor activity record log book while enrolled in the "Take One Make One" program.

5. You must be willing to recruit at least one new member each year of participation in the program.

6. Volunteer to host and sponsor selected youth or young adult members for one year or more for the Hunter Safety Education course, seasonal hunting activities and conservation wildlife projects.

7. Annual Incentive Awards and conservation project packages will be awarded to the individuals or clubs who have contributed the most effort in passing on the traditions to our youth and young adults in each SC game zone or region.

8. Please use the student application form to apply for the program.

9. Please use the adult application form provided to volunteer and qualify as a mentor.