The Fastest Bows On Earth!

The Fastest Bows On Earth!

Posted 2002-03-10T06:00:00Z  by  Staff Report

The Fastest Bows On Earth!

If you're bowhunter, then it's likely you've heard plenty about this young company. Like the arrows BowTech bows shoot, the company is FAST becoming a real leader in bow-making innovation. In operation since 1999, BowTech is more than keeping up with the Joneses with its line up of new bows and accessory packages for 2002. Here's a sneak peak at what you'll find in noted pro shops in plenty of time for deer season 2002!


BowTech is rolling out its new Patriot bow, featuring the sweeping new engineering of Vertical Force Technology. VFT is the most recent in a long line of technological innovations by the most forward-thinking bow company in the world and it raises the bar for bow design going into the 21st century.

The Patriot is built with a 44-degree limb pocket angle to create a unique laid back limb design. Upon release, this enhanced horizontal limb construction disperses energy vertically, in equal and opposite directions, with very little limb tip movement. Energy is transferred parallel to, and away from, the riser, thus resulting in near zero recoil and hand shock.

At the same time, greater force is delivered to the arrow with less shock and vibration when compared with other compound bows. The ultimate result is the Patriot delivers amazing smoothness and tops it off with reeling speed and accuracy.

Most designs allow for some energy transfer that is perpendicular to the riser. The consequence is hand shock, says Kevin Strother, the VP of Research and Development for BowTech. I experimented for more than seven months with over 100 different preloads, and I changed the limb angle six different times before I got the desired combination.

That determination led to an excellent all-around bow that lives up to the BowTech reputation of quality and craftsmanship. The Patriot's combination of speed, compact axle-to-axle distance of 33.75 and a brace height of 7.25 make it the smoothest BowTech bow available. It's speed and accuracy makes it a perfect choice for competitive shooters and hunters alike.

The Patriot is the introductory platform for BowTech's Vertical Force Technology. Because it is such a dramatic improvement in comfort and energy efficiency, BowTech is already making plans to include it on their bows of the future.

The Patriot's limb design transfers energy vertically...and opposite directions. This effectively removes all recoil and hand shock from the riser. Combined with its longer brace height, the Patriot serves up greater accuracy while maintaining high arrow speed. While other bows with this much energy feel like a joy buzzer in your hand, the Patriot is the smoothest BowTech available. You'll notice the difference the first time...and every shoot it.


The Rascal is the latest addition to the BowTech family and is BowTech's answer to the broadening popularity of the sport. While the Rascal is designed and engineered with the same integrity of all BowTech bows, the components have been modified to fit the 7-to-17-year old archer, with a shorter draw length and lighter draw weights.

The Rascal uses the same components and technology as every other BowTech bow. But instead of simply downsizing an adult bow, every aspect of the Rascal is created for the younger market. With it's superior performance, (not just a step up from a toy) this is guaranteed to be a bow that kids will actually enjoy using. This also makes the Rascal a perfect bow for the petite female archer, AND it's FAST-maybe too FAST!

The only way that archery is going to continue to grow is to get kids hooked and help them enjoy it with better performing equipment, says Kevin Strother, chief BowTech designer and company co-founder. That's why we don't cut any corners on this bow. We want it to help stimulate and maintain interest in the sport.

Because the target user is in an age range of rapid physical growth, the Rascal can be retrofitted so it can grow with the child. The retrofit package includes new limbs, new draw module, and new strings and cables. The specifications include draw lengths of 19 to 25, peak draw weights of 20, 30, and 40 pounds, machined aluminum riser and BowTech's modular single cam technology.

The Rascal can be ordered in colored or camo versions. Colored bows come standard with black metal flake limbs, polished cams, and contrasting colored riser and limb pockets. The camo version comes with a black anodized riser, cams and pockets, with Advantage Timber limbs.

For most of the archery world a kid's bow means a toy...the Rascal is not a toy!

It's a chip off the old block that maintains the same integrity of all BowTech bows. It's designed, engineered, and built with the younger archer in mind, using all of the same components and technology found in every BowTech. The result is a bow that your child will actually enjoy shooting. And because our children grow up so fast, the Rascal can be refitted to grow with them. The Rascal is a great bow for more petite women, too. Plus, the Rascal can be ordered with a variety of color options for the seriously "hip" archer in your family.

In its continuing quest to make a bow for every archer, BowTech is rolling out the BlackHawk and TomKat, the two bows of the new Predator Series. Each bow offers a unique set of benefits to a new generation of BowTech owners and both come fully equipped with standard accessories.

The Predator Series bows represent BowTech's excellence in every way-both bows are loaded with the speed, agility, and the smoothness of BowTech engineering, and both feature the new patent-pending VibraBlock anti-vibration system.(see below for more information)

The accessory packages allow Predator Series owners to get up and shooting with a single purchase, which make both of these bows exceptional values. Each bow comes with its own set of accessories that includes a BowTech 8-arrow quiver; a fiber optic 3-pin sight; a bow sling; an arrow rest; string and cable silencers; peep sight; and the patent-pending VibraBlock anti- vibration system. The BlackHawk package will also include BowTech's new stabilizer. Each of these high-end accessories will also be available for purchase as a separate accessory set that includes a silent mechanical release, through BowTech dealers.

BowTech has aligned with well-established and respected archery companies, like TruGlo, Golden Key and T.R.U.Ball, to provide the finest accessories with their package bows.

The BlackHawk and TomKat take stealth archery to a new level with compact and smooth designs. Both feature a brace height of 9.125, and draw lengths of 26-31 and 27-32, respectively.

Noise and vibration reduction that doesn't sacrifice speed!

BowTech is unveiling its latest effort to create the most comfortable bow on the market with the introduction of VibraBlock, the new patent-pending vibration reduction accessory currently rolling out from the BowTech manufacturing plant.

Faster, smoother, quieter- BowTech pursues these qualities relentlessly. The VibraBlock reduces overall noise and vibration without reducing arrow speed. Its simple installation is the key to its effectiveness. The VibraBlock slides on and completely encompasses the limb of the bow. This results in the reduction of vibration from all sides of the limbs, not just one.

This simple installation is also the key to VibraBlock's longevity and flexibility. It holds up in extreme temperature conditions, hot or cold, because it doesn't rely on adhesives to stay attached. Plus, it can attach to any bow with any limb, straight, split, or tapered.

The VibraBlock is made from an injection molded, rubberized polymer and measures 1.75 x 1.5 and is 0.5 thick. BowTech's chief engineer, Kevin Strother, comments on the new product's specifications: We are in the process of setting up university lab testing to determine the numbers on noise and vibration reduction. But it doesn't take much research to feel the significant difference in your bow with and without the VibraBlock.

Testing that has been completed shows that one VibraBlock set (one on each limb) causes zero reduction of arrow speed. Two VibraBlock sets, which reduce vibration by another 25%, only reduce arrow speed by one foot per second.

BowTech, (on the web at the manufacturer and distributor of the world's fastest bows, was founded in 1999 by CEO and Chairman of the Board, John Strasheim, and by Vice President of Research and Development, Kevin Strother. BowTech continues to be the fastest growing bow company in history. The company holds patents on the world's fastest single, dual, and three cam bows, along with the patent-pending SandTrap, VibraBlock, and Vertical Force Technology. Each is a BowTech original.