Bear Archery Acquires Bowfishing Assets of Cajun Archery

Bear Archery Acquires Bowfishing Assets of Cajun Archery

Posted 2012-12-03T15:54:00Z

Bear Archery Acquires Bowfishing Assets of Cajun Archery

Evansville, IN (November 30, 2012) - Continuing its strategy for growth and dedication to archery,Bear Archery has purchased the bowfishing assets from Cajun Archery. Under the terms of this agreement Bear Archery has acquired the popular line of bow fishing equipment as well as the Cajun brand.

This is a very positive move for all involved with the Cajun brand; it will be exciting to see Bear Archery continue building momentum and take Cajun to the next level, stated Dave White, president and owner of Cajun Archery.

About Cajun Archery

Originally founded in 1963 by William 'Billy' Amentor, the company's initial product line consisted of an extensive line of both hardwood and cedar arrows. Cajun ran strong on its' arrow production through the mid 1970's and in 1976 began to diversify into other parts of the archery market by purchasing the rights to the original Sting-A-Ree bowfishing tip. Knowing there was a growing market for bowfishing, Billy gradually branched out into different aspects of bowfishing with a host of products from bow wax, fish tips, arrows and bow tools. The company would continue to grow over the course of the next three decades. In 2004, Cajun Archery was purchased by David White of Corolla Capital Management, LLC. Cajun Archery produces a full-line of cedar and hard wood arrows as well as an extensive line of bowfishing products including; points, reels, reel seats, and complete bowfishing kits. Augmenting the Cajun Archery product lines are the Hot Shot Releases, Aborigine Blowguns, Plucker and Tusker product lines.

Bowfishing is a segment of the market that we have had our eyes on for some time now, but it was never our intention to only dabble in the business," says Jack Bowman, president of Bear Archery. "When we set our sights on something, we intend to grow that segment into the leader in its respective category through customer service, product development and strategic branding. We are very excited about the opportunities that Cajun presents and the potential of growth in a sport we are passionate about.

Cajun's headquarters will move to Evansville, Ind. and manufacturing will move to Gainesville, Fla. Hot Shot Releases, Aborigine Blowguns, Plucker and Tusker product lines and the production of Cajun's line of arrows will remain in Logan, Utah under the control of Dave White.

About Bear Archery

Headquartered in Evansville, Ind. with manufacturing in Gainesville, Fla., Bear Archery was originally founded in 1933 by legendary bowhunter and outdoor icon Fred Bear. Today Bear Archery manufactures and distributes a full-line of archery products including compound bows, traditional bows, quivers, arrow rests, fiber optic sights, stabilizers, and other related accessories under the Bear Archery, Trophy Ridge and Rocket Broadheads brands.

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