Realtree and Old Dominion Team Up

Realtree and Old Dominion Team Up

Posted 2010-08-30T07:26:00Z

Realtree and Old Dominion Team Up

Realtree Announces Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Old Dominion Footwear

Columbus, GA -- Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, LTD has entered into a licensing agreement with Old Dominion Footwear, which will be the exclusive developer for Realtree Girl and Realtree Outfitters footwear.

The Realtree Girl and Realtree Outfitters footwear collections will feature a broad range of styles providing outdoor enthusiasts with trendy casual shoes. The lines will be both tastefully styled and comfort oriented. All footwear, whether boots, shoes, sandals or niche items, will be designed and styled to appeal to the Realtree consumer for everyday wear. The footwear will be made of quality leathers and unit bottoms with touches of the Realtree patterns where appropriate. Some of the styles will be available in hard-to-find sizes and widths. In addition, the Realtree Girl line will be interesting and fun with a flair featuring the Realtree AP Pink pattern and various other Realtree colors.

"This partnership has created an amazing amount of excitement at every level in our company," said Malcolm Sydnor, president of Old Dominion Footwear. "How often do you get a chance to partner with a great organization like Realtree? We are thrilled to be a part of this and look forward to producing the Realtree Outfitters and Girl lines. Our styling and quality are perfect with everything Realtree does. We are going to take this opportunity and run with it."

Realtree Girl was launched in 2006, offering endless options that reflect her love of the outdoors. A full line of Realtree Outfitters casual apparel and headwear was introduced in the fall of 2009 for adventurers and outdoor sportsmen. Like the apparel, the footwear will be sold through a wide range of distribution channels including sporting goods stores, catalogs, footwear chains, independent retailers and department stores.

Bill Jordan, Realtree founder and president, said, "We look forward to working closely with Old Dominion Footwear as its team delivers its durable and stylish footwear to the Realtree Girl and Realtree Outfitters lines. Old Dominion goes the extra mile with each of its brands, producing each in hard-to-find sizes and widths. Their footwear not only looks great, but it stands up to wear and tear of every day life. Although the footwear makes a statement of its own, it will complete the look when partnered with other Realtree Girl and Realtree Outfitters apparel."

About Old Dominion Footwear
Old Dominion Footwear was incorporated in 1996 with its offices and distribution center located in Madison Heights, Virginia. The company manufactures, markets and distributes all genders of footwear under the brands; Duck Head, Aqua Duck, Lalla and Lalla Lew, in addition to various private labels. Old Dominion Footwear supplies moderately priced footwear, available in various sizes and widths, to department stores, sporting goods stores, catalogs and independent retail stores throughout the United States, Canada and South America.
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