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Celebrate Family, Friends and the Outdoors, One Bite at a Time.
Realtree MAX-7 Bird Seasoning works great on chicken, duck, turkey and other types of poultry!
Master the Art of Poultry Seasoning: Introducing Realtree MAX-7 Bird Seasoning, a game-changer for your poultry dishes. Whether it's a family gathering, a hunting camp dinner, or a simple weeknight meal, our seasoning is crafted to transform your poultry into a flavor sensation.

Perfect for All Poultry: Expertly formulated for chicken, duck, turkey, and other poultry, this seasoning ensures every bird is not just cooked but elevated. Its versatility makes it a must-have in your kitchen for all your poultry cooking adventures.

Hearty Spice Blend: Our special blend of spices is tailored to complement the natural flavors of poultry. It brings out the best in your birds, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences.

Celebrate Life's Simple Joys: The Realtree MAX-7 Bird Seasoning is more than just a seasoning mix; it's a tribute to the simple pleasures of good food, the great outdoors, and the hunting spirit.  



Ideal for Cooking Enthusiasts: Whether you're a seasoned chef or a weekend pitmaster, this bird seasoning is your companion for an effortless gourmet touch. It's user-friendly, ensuring everyone can achieve incredible flavor.

Easy Application: Simply season your poultry generously with MAX-7 Bird Seasoning and cook as desired. Allow the seasoning to sit for 15 minutes before grilling or cooking.

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