11 New Bows From Hoyt!

11 New Bows From Hoyt!

Posted 2007-01-11T06:00:00Z  by  Jody Hadachek

11 New Bows From Hoyt!

11 New Bows From Hoyt!

Here's what's new and noteworthy from the most retooled bow company of 2007! -- Review By Jody Hadachek

As 2007 unfolds, the archery world continues its trend of rapid growth. The number of bowhunters and target shooters are increasing every day, and new, more efficient products are being released to fit the needs of archery enthusiasts worldwide. Indeed, it's an exciting time to be involved with a sport growing by leaps and bounds. One manufacturer leading in the excitement factor as we head into 2007 is Hoyt. Coming off of a stellar 75th anniversary, Hoyt has introduced 11 brand new bows for 2007. Never before has Hoyt offered this many bows in a single year. Whether you're hunting whitetails in the Midwest or you're on the line shooting for a championship, Hoyt has every archer's needs covered.


Building off the Trykon's success from 2006, Hoyt is proud to introduce its second-generation parallel limb bow, the Vectrix. Standing at 33 inches axle-to-axle with a brace height of 7 inches, it may just be the ultimate hunting machine. The power behind the bow is harnessed by the new Vector Cam & 1/2 system, which provides a smoother draw and retains an IBO speed of 316 feet per second (fps). Hoyt engineers keyed in on a totally vibration-free bow by installing dual RizerShox to the Advanced TEC riser, AlphaShox modules between the XT500 limbs, and a brand new string-dampening device--the StealthShot string suppression system. The StealthShot could be the most effective noise and vibration device ever engineered into a bow, momentarily capturing and suppressing all string movement and oscillation after the shot. Having shot one of these bows personally, I can honestly say it takes smoothness, speed, and shock-free performance to the highest level.

For several years, many bowhunters have asked for a slightly longer parallel limb bow, and Hoyt has listened to its fans. The Vectrix XL boasts a slightly longer riser at 36 inches axle to axle, but maintains the parallel limb geometry and delivers a 315 fps IBO rating with a 7 1/2-inch brace height. Like many new bows from Hoyt this year, the Vectrix series stands out with a sleek black finish on the limb pockets and cams. Like their other bows for 2007, Hoyt offers the Vectrix series in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD camo pattern as one of it's color options.

Also new from Hoyt is the 38 Series, which includes both the 38 Pro and the 38 Ultra. With AlphaShox (which provide 10 linear inches of vibration-reducing NAVCOM material), RizerShox and the new StealthShot String Suppression System standard on each bow, the 38 Series is sure to suit your archery needs. The 38 Pro has an axle-to-axle length of 38-1/2 inches and a forgiving 8-1/4-inch brace height. Hoyt's new C2 Cam & 1/2 combined with Hoyt's legendary 5-layer laminated 3/4-inch Split Limb Technology (XT2000 limbs) give the 38 Pro a 305 fps IBO rating.

The 38 Ultra is 38 inches axle to axle. The bow shoots at 310 fps IBO with a 7-1/2-inch brace height, the Vector Cam & 1/2 system and XT1000 limbs. The 38 Series represents two of the most versatile bows in the world.


Hoyt didn't stop there. Sure to become a fan favorite is the new Vulcan. A streamlined TEC riser design and the smooth Vector Cam & 1/2 combined with a brace height of 6 inches launches a 350-grain arrow at a blistering 325 fps with a 70-pound draw weight--all out of a small 33-inch axle-to-axle package. With dual RizerShox, AlphaShox, and the StealthShot String Suppression System, the Vulcan is the first of it's kind to offer such a combination of smoothness and speed.


Back for 2007 is the Trykon. In 2006, Hoyt unveiled the Trykon and it quickly won the hearts of bowhunters across the country. Boasting the Zephyr Cam & 1/2, one can expect arrow speeds of 316 fps IBO with a 33-inch axle-to-axle length and 7-inch brace height. Like the Vectrix and Vectrix XL, the 38 Series, and the Vulcan, the Trykon has been engineered with one of the best limb pocket systems in the business--the Triax Pocket Stabilization System. After seeing such success with the Trykon, Hoyt decided to concentrate on family by making a new family of Trykon bows! The new Trykon Sport is a bow designed for older youth archers. It sports a 29-1/2-inch axle-to-axle length, 6-1/2-inch brace height and the original Cam & 1/2 design. It launches an arrow at 265 fps. If you're younger and want to be like dad, Hoyt has also introduced a high-performance bow that reaches out to the future of our sport--our kids. The Trykon Jr. features Hoyt's Versa Cam & 1/2, which allows for an 8-inch draw length adjustment. This 29-1/2-inch axle-to-axle bow virtually eliminates your children outgrowing their equipment and provides years of fun and practice in the field and backyard.


While being small in appearance, Hoyt's Selena hits the big time in terms of power and performance. Specifically engineered for women archers, the Selena is a compact 31-1/2 inches axle to axle. With a variety of color options for the ladies (including the ever-popular pink), this bow boasts a compact, Advanced TEC riser design, AlphaShox, and a RizerShox module placed in the Pro-Fit Custom Grip to reduce further vibration. It's not shabby on speed either--287 fps with a 7-inch brace height. This is helped along by Hoyt's GTX limbs and the Cam & 1/2 Performance System. Like all Hoyt bows for 2007, the Selena comes standard with FUSE custom strings and FUSE StringShox string vibration dampeners. Indeed this is a case where good things come in small packages.


New for 2007, Hoyt's Avenger proves that price doesn't have to be an issue in terms of a bow's shootability and attention to quality and detail. This bow is lightweight, compact at 32 inches axle to axle and achieves speeds of 309 fps with a 7-inch brace height. The bow also features AlphaShox, a RizerShox module, Hoyt's proven TEC riser, XT1000 limbs featuring 3/4-inch Split Limb Technology, and FUSE custom strings. This bow will surely break a few records this fall, without breaking the bank.


For 2007, Hoyt has brought back the Ultra Elite and the Pro Elite, perhaps two of the most accurate bows in the world and new options have been added for more versatility. These bows are built to the highest tolerances and standards in the archery business today, and more national and international tournaments have been won using these bows since their introduction than by any other bow on the market. With risers featuring Hoyt's Shoot-Thru Technology, they are available with XT2000, XT3000 or the new 16-1/2-inch XT3500 limb configuration. This year, Hoyt has added the optional C2 Cam & 1/2 Performance System for these bows along with the standard Cam & 1/2. The Ultra Elite stands at 37 inches axle to axle, maintains a 7-inch brace height, and fires an arrow at a very respectable 315 fps. The Pro Elite is the same length bow, but the brace height is increased to 8 inches. IBO speed is right at 310 fps. These bows also include Alpha Shox, Rizer Shox, and a torque-free grip that's been machined directly into the riser for unparalleled performance. If you're looking to take your target shooting to the next level, one of these bows is worth looking into. Like other bows in the 2007 Hoyt line (except the Trykon Sport and Trykon Jr.), the Ultra Elite and the Pro Elite are available in a high-polish anodized finish with Inferno, Riptide, Crimson Red, Cobalt Blue and Jet Black color options.


Longer bows have been known for their accuracy and forgiving feel for years. If you're a target archer or a hunter that shoots with fingers, then Hoyt's next offering might be just the ticket. The new Montega is long enough at 45 inches axle to axle and forgiving enough with an 8-3/4-inch brace height to appeal to those wanting to go back to the roots of bowhunting. And at 270 fps IBO the Montega is plenty fast enough to get the big-game hunting job done. Add in the Pro Fit grip, FUSE custom strings, and the AlphaShox, RizerShox, and StringShox made from Limbsaver NAVCOM material, and you've got a reliable, vibration-free bow that will last for years to come. For traditionalists and target archers Hoyt also offers several recurve bow models, including the Gamemaster II, Helix, and the new Nexus.

Whether you're watching your son shoot a plate in the back yard, or chasing caribou in Canada, Hoyt has a bow that will fit your needs. With a Lifetime Guarantee on every bow they make, Hoyt's offerings prove there isn't a more exciting time to have a bow in your hands. Check one out at your nearest Hoyt dealer today. Or visit Hoyt.com.