Faceoff In The Field: Facemask or Facepaint?

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Faceoff In The Field: Facemask or Facepaint?

Posted 2014-10-07T05:25:00Z

Faceoff In The Field: Facemask or Facepaint?

As we close in on November, it's time to think critically about how you will cast your vote.

Every vote matters. Every voice is valid.

You have a tough decision to make. No doubt about it. The very essense of our hunting heritage lies in the balance. But there can be but one winner. And that winner will be decided by your votes.

#FacepaintHunter or #FacemaskHunter? That is the question we must answer.

Forget politics and parties. This is a vote of true importance. A means for settling a debate as old as camo itself. Or at least as old as the first episodes of Duck Dynasty.

It began with the All Stars of Spring where a facemask-laden crew led by Bill Jordan and Michael Waddell put no small number of gobblers to rest as they peered down shotgun barrels through masks of mesh.

It continued with the over-the-top facial concealment of the Duck Commanders who made long whiskers and copious amounts of eye-black a camo fashion statement.

And somewhere in the middle lies the truth: The best method for hiding those shiny cheeks and reflective skin patches from the prying eyes of critters.

So which is it? Facemask? Facepaint?

We simply couldn't decide. Thus we figured we'd do this the old-fashioned way: Head-to-head combat.

Throughout the fall hunting season, the Realtree.com crew will keep a running tally of votes to determine which facial concealment method is most preferred.

Voting is easy:

Simply use one of these hashtags -- #FacemaskHunter or #FacepaintHunter -- on any social media oultet such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Want to show some bonus love for your favorite method? Upload a camo selfie and we'll feed it into the system as well and you might see your face -- and preferred method for hiding it -- show up on the feed as well.

Now, it's time to vote. May the best method win.