State Bill Proposes Legal Baiting for Deer Hunting

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State Bill Proposes Legal Baiting for Deer Hunting

Posted 2017-03-08T21:41:00Z

Are You in Favor of This Proposed Bill?

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Baiting has long been a hot-button issue for deer hunters. Some side with it. Others stand against it. Few sit on the fence.

And it's likely the debate will be sparked anew with recent news from Alabama.

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According to WVUA 23 News, proposed Alabama bill HB 184 Would allow the taking of white-tailed deer or feral swine by means of bait. However, it's currently illegal to take deer by means of bait, but a supplemental feeding law does allow hunters to feed deer. In short (go here for exact wording of the law), a hunter currently can supplemental feed deer, but cannot hunt within 100 yards or within sight of the bait.

Click here for an in-depth analysis of the current law from Outdoor Alabama, and remember that for now, hunting over bait is still illegal.

Based on newscasts and early reports, it seems most hunters are in favor of the bill. They feel it will help them manage their deer herds and also improve hunting success. Many also claim, from a herd health standpoint, that there isn't any difference between the current law and the proposed bill, and that deer won't face any additional disease risks.

How do you feel about this proposed bill? Should Alabama allow baiting? Or should it remain as is? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

Go here to see the full video news release from WVUA 23 News.

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