The Case for Climbing Stands

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The Case for Climbing Stands

Posted 2019-08-30T13:01:00Z  by  John Kirby

5 reasons why every serious hunter should own at least a couple of climbers

About every deer hunter can benefit from owning a couple climbing stands. I use this style of stand more than the average hunter, but they have so many advantages that owning one of them is just not enough. I always have at least two on hand, and here's why.

Do you use climbing treestands? (Primal photo)

1. They're Cost Effective

A hunter could spend a small fortune buying enough lock-on and ladder stands to cover several properties. But I can cover these same properties by having just a couple of climbing stands. I can bounce from one place to the next without having to hang ladder or lock-on stands. Sure, some lock-on models are mobile and lightweight, but one of those, plus sticks, will cost way more than a really nice climber.

2. They're Flexible

During much of the season, I like to hunt property perimeters to keep from pressuring deer deep in the timber. Semi-permanent ladder and lock-on stands are perfect for that. But as the rut nears, I like to become more aggressive, and so I use my climbing stands to get deeper into the cover. They allow me to hunt those harder-to-access locations while providing flexibility for changing wind directions and weather patterns. Plus, they're really comfortable.

3. You Can Grab Them and Go

Climbing stands may not be useable for hunting on every property because they require straight trees, but almost all hunters occasionally hunt different locations, be it a buddy's place or public land out of state. Anytime I am traveling to hunt whitetails, I have a couple climbing stands with me. Throw one on your back and it becomes the perfect tool for scouting and quickly hunting a new property, which allows me to minimize my presence in the woods and leaves more time for hunting and scouting.

4. They're Tougher to Steal

Theft is an issue, even on private property, and I've unfortunately had several lock-on and ladder stands stolen over the years. Although I occasionally leave my climbing stands in the woods, especially on family property, they still spend much less time out there than lock-on or ladder stands. That reduces the risk of them being stolen. Even if I don't leave them latched to the tree, I can easily hide them nearby and know that I'll avoid the sick feeling of discovering that someone has walked off with one of my stands.

5. They're Great for Hunting with Buddies … and Other Things Too

I love to use climbers when I mentor new hunters because I can place our stands near one another. Even if one of my climbing stands breaks, my extra ones help me avoid a ruined hunt. Climbers are handy when filming hunts, too.

I often climb trees in my back yard to practice with my bow. One time, I even used a climbing stand to hide in a tree in my front yard on Halloween to scare my wife and kids. Okay, I am still paying for that. But seriously, extra climbers always seem to have a use when buddies are hunting with me.

The advantages of having just one climbing stand are numerous. They provide economical mobility and flexibility. Owning an extra one can multiply those benefits. What's not to like about that?

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