10 Tips for Increasing Child Involvement

10 Tips for Increasing Child Involvement

Posted 2018-05-09T14:13:00Z  by  Realtree Staff

Get Those Kids Outside, Folks.

Kids love the outdoors, too. So get them out there. (Craig Watson photo)

Want your child to get friendly with the outdoors? Make sure his or her first experience is pleasant. One fellow I know carpeted the floor of his treestand for quietness and covered the sides with netting so that his child could move about. He purchased a small special backpack which the boy packed with a juice box, snacks, compact binoculars and his favorite toys. Dad picked a warm afternoon and the two outdoorsmen had a fantastic hunt spotting several deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and hearing the call of a barred owl - a sound his young son will never forget.

Whatever the activity, making the first time special will increase anticipation for next time. Keep these 10 points in mind:

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  1. Every fish is a trophy to a 5-year-old. Your standards don't apply.

  2. Keep things simple. Build in success, whatever the activity.

  3. Limit the duration. Kids like variety and motion.

  4. Reduce travel time. Get there before the youngster tires.

  5. Don't forget snacks and drinks. Food is fun.

  6. Anticipate and prevent problems like sunburn, insect bites, wet feet, cold fingers and boredom.

  7. Model safe practices. Wear a helmet, life preserver, ear protection, etc.

  8. Explore small things. Identify a plant, bird, animal or insect.

  9. Follow the trip with an internet visit - to learn more about the place or creatures you saw.

  10. Evaluate the day. What was best? Next time we should…

Editor's Note: This was originally published on May 18, 2016.

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