2013 Best of Realtree.com

2013 Best of Realtree.com

Posted 2014-01-02T11:39:00Z  by  Realtree Staff

A look back at Realtree's most popular stories and videos for 2013

On Realtree.com, we don't pick the year's best hunting blogs and articles. You pick them by clicking on them. So looking all the way back to January and continuing until now, here is the content you've clicked on the most.


1. Bows for Women. The 2013 Review. Our test panel of four female hunters put some top new ladies' bows to the test. This is one of the most thorough, honest archery gear reviews you'll find anywhere.

2. How to Become a Pro-Staffer. We interviewed top names in the outdoor industry including Lee Lakosky and T-Bone for their advice on how to become a pro-staffer.

3. 5 Reasons Why Bowhunters Miss. Poor form, poor sight picture, buck fever and more. This article details the most common reasons why bowhunters miss.

4. How to Set Up an AR-15 For Hunting. The AR is the most popular rifle platform in the country right now. Here's how to set yours up specifically for hunting.

5. Turkey Decoy Setup: The Hazel Creek Love Triangle. Cally Morris, owner of Hazel Creek and host of Realtree's 15-Yard Files, gives you the scoop on a deadly turkey decoy setup.


1. Quiz of Deer Hunting Myths. Will taking a whiz out of your stand really spook deer? Realtree's Stephanie Mallory, with the help of QDMA biologists, takes a look at some of the most pervasive myths in deer hunting in this fun quiz.

2. Ready for Deer Season Quiz. Were you ready for bow season? Deer hunting expert Mike Hanback put this test together to find out.

3. How Well Do you Know Whitetails? Not many people know whitetails better than New York expert Charlie Alsheimer. Charlie compiled this quiz, arguably the year's toughest, to put your knowledge to the test.

4. New Guns and Ammo from the 2013 SHOT Show. Each year, Realtree's web staff hits the SHOT Show floor in search of the newest in guns, ammo and hunting gear. Check out the lineup for 2013. And be looking for the 2014 lineup very soon …

5. The Bowfishing Quiz. Learn all about bowfishing in this fun-to-take quiz.


1. Giant Piebald Buck from Public Land. What could make a story about a giant public-land bow-kill even cooler? How about if the buck is piebald?

2. Kentucky 20-Pointer biggest of 2013? As of December 16, 2013, this monster non-typical is the biggest Rack Report buck of the season.

3. Tiffany Lakosky's Biggest Buck Ever. Check out the story of Tiffany's giant Kansas buck killed in mid-October.

4. Giant Bow Buck from Iowa. The story of a 225-inch non-typical from Iowa.

5. Roger Haney's Opening Day Monster. Kentucky hunter Roger Haney shot this awesome non-typical on opening day of Kentucky's bow season.


1. You Shot a Deer. Here's How to Find It. Our interactive guide to blood-trailing.

2. Turkey Hunting Nation. Planning a turkey hunting trip? Here's your state-by-state guide, complete with regulations (2013), bag limits and an assigned grade.

3. How to Hunt Turkeys. From learning to run a mouth call to finding the perfect spot, this guide teaches you everything you need to know about becoming a turkey hunter.

4. How to Deer Hunt. Where should you hang a stand? What kind of gun or bow should you buy? If you're a new deer hunter, this guide covers all the basics.

5. Broadhead Selector. Are you shooting the wrong broadhead? Check out this interactive guide to find out.


1. Realtree Presents Marquese Scott. The dubstep street dancer put on an amazing performance at the Realtree booth during the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

2. The 15-Yard Files: Big Bull at 10 Steps. The first-ever episode of The 15-Yard Files has Annetta Morris in a staredown with a monster bull elk at 10 yards.

3. Bowfishing Show: Giant Gator Gar. T-Bone and his buddies head to Texas for a giant alligator gar.

4. Bowfishing Show: Covered in Slime. The Antler Geeks swap gears to tackle carp in Michigan. You've never seen a crowd of Yankee rednecks have more fun.

5. Bowfishing Show: State Record Gar? Michelle Brantley goes for a potential long-nose gar bowfishing record on Kentucky Lake.


(Editor's Note: The RealBlog with Stephanie Mallory handily overtook Brow Tines and Backstrap as Realtree.com's most popular blog of the year. Hansen and Brantley are actively planning their return to the top slot for 2014. But until then, Stephanie gets the bragging rights.)

1. Realtree Swimwear Model Katherine Webb Featured in 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Before she became a household name, Katherine Webb modeled Realtree swimwear.

2. Expandable Broadhead Failure Saves Hunter's Life. A creepy tale of broadhead failure saving a hunter's life after an accident.

3. Duck Commanders do the Harlem Shake. Yeah, just what it says.

4. How to Make a Homemade Deer Feeder. Learn how to make a cheap and easy homemade deer feeder by watching this video.

5. Hunters Barely Escape Getting Gored by Buck They Save. Two Oklahoma hunters captured some incredible footage this past deer season.

Overall Top Story of 2013:

12 Reasons Why Your Venison Tastes like Hell. This piece was a carryover from 2012 so it didn't technically make the Best of 2013 lineup, but with nearly 55,000 page views, it was still our most popular story of the year.

Overall Top Video of 2013:

Antler Geeks: Ready to Rut. This was another carryover piece from 2012 from the Antler Geeks. This is a crew that pulls no punches. They hunt small farms, public land and they tell it like it is. It seems you like it that way, too. In this episode, Realtree Whitetail Editor Tony Hansen takes to the Michigan woods just as the rut is kicking in.