Northeast Rut Report: The Rut Is Over


Northeast Rut Report: The Rut Is Over

Posted 2019-12-06T09:56:00Z  by  Josh Montgomery

What deer activity are you seeing?

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The rut is a wrap in the Northeast region. Deer are solely focused on food sources. That said, it won't be long before second-rut festivities fire up. So be ready when they do.


I reached out to Midwest Whitetail pro staffer Austin Beebe. He hunted in northeastern Maryland this past weekend. Action was slow. Beebe said most mature bucks are moving at last light or just after dark. Scrape activity is almost nonexistent. Young bucks have been a little more active. They've been visible in the mornings and evenings. Deer are keying on green food sources, and winter wheat is at the top of the list.


Whitetail expert Anthony Diuinzio recently watched two shooters chase a doe. It could possibly have been her second cycle. He hopes to get back out to catch more of this late-rut action. Diuinzio also mentioned that he noticed some fresh scrapes in the area as well. Movement has been good around midmorning and the last hour of the day.

West Virginia

Joey Charlton of Bone Shack Outdoors noted deer movement was slow overall. No mature bucks were spotted all week. A few fresh scrapes and rubs popped up, but things are slowing down. The best movement is during the evening. Food is key at this point.

Region as a Whole

Rut activity is winding down with just a few reports of rut action in a few spots. The majority of hunters are seeing deer back on feeding patterns. With gun seasons in or wrapping up, hunting pressure is at a season-high for most areas. Find spots with low pressure and with solid entry and exit routes.

All said, the most important thing is to get out and enjoy time in the woods while you still can. The temperatures are slightly below normal for most and rain will move in early next week. So, the weekend should be solid.

Have fun. Stay safe. And good luck.

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