Rack Report: Alisha Perkins' Monster Crossbow Buck, With Video!

White-Tailed Deer


Rack Report: Alisha Perkins' Monster Crossbow Buck, With Video!

Posted 2013-01-29T13:18:00Z

Rack Report Details
Buck:195 2/8 (official Buckmasters composite score)
Time of Year:November 2012
Place:Northeastern OH
Weapon: Excalibur Crossbow  Crossbow 

Matching wits against a wary whitetail is hunting at its best. Being able to share that experience with someone new to the tradition of hunting makes it all the better.

The story begins with an encouraging husband and a willing wife. Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, let me explain. Seth Perkins is a die-hard deer hunter. So, it was only natural he would try to get his wife, Alisha, as involved in the outdoors as he is. It proved to be a simple task. She passed her hunter safety course with flying colors, and Seth helped outfit her with new gear, including an Excalibur crossbow.

A week after the hunter safety test, it was time for Alisha's first hunt. She and Seth talked about many things during the drive to the farm, but one subject in particular was the giant buck Seth had on trail camera. Jokingly, Alisha talked about shooting the massive deer her husband was obsessing over. Seth had spent his buck tag before ever receiving trail cam photos of the deer. Any chance at killing the buck this season would be up to his better half.

Upon arrival, the couple stepped out of the truck and hiked toward the treestand. On their way in, they bumped several deer. They could not see them, but definitely heard them dashing through the woods.

Despite busting bedded deer, the two hunters kept high spirits and looked forward to hunting together. They climbed into the buddy-stand. Seth said his traditional pre-hunt prayer. Game on.

The morning's gray light replaced the night's pitch black. Squirrels rustling in the leaves kept Alisha on edge, looking for deer tromping through the woods. Seth assured her that only patience would get her an opportunity at a whitetail.

A button buck walked into view shortly after daylight. Alisha decided to pass and wait for something bigger. Just after passing on the button buck, two blue jays landed on the treestand railing in front of her. She was quietly watching them when all of a sudden, a blur to the right caught her eye. A quick glance revealed a massive buck.

She immediately placed the crosshairs on the big whitetail, but the brute wouldn't present a shot opportunity. He simply stood at the corn pile in front of them and fed. Seth started videoing with his iPhone. If Alisha got a shot, he was going to capture it on film.

Ten minutes passed without a shot opportunity. Alisha patiently waited for the buck to turn so she could pull the trigger. The buck finally turned to walk away, and just when Alisha thought the buck was gone, Seth stopped him with a bleat. As soon as the deer stopped, Alisha lined up her sights and pulled the trigger. The bolt hit the buck square in the shoulder with a perfect heart shot. The buck dropped dead in its tracks and after a few kicks, he lay quiet.

For a first hunt, you couldn't ask for an easier recovery. An official scorer with Buckmaster later measured the 4-½-year-old. He scored an impressive 195 2/8 inches. What a standard to set with a first deer.

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